One of those indies that you have to play yes or yes comes to PlayStation

The panorama of indie games is, by far, the one that has been giving the most joy to gamers who are not satisfied with the great sagas of always, that repeat game mechanics and genres that are too hackneyed. And it is that it is that small independent industry that gives us great ideas and concepts every so often, as is the case with unpacking.

The indie of the year arrives on PlayStation

The point is that if you have a PS4 or one PS5 you are in luck because one of the most important titles of last year It will reach the Sony ecosystem through the PlayStation Store, in digital format, but also thanks to some retailers that will sell it in physical format, since its successful path through PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch has allowed the Australian studio Witch Beam complete such a challenge.

unpacking has teamed up with Humble Games to make a reality, together with Limited Run Games, the possibility of get the game on disc or cartridge, for both PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. In the case of the three editions, each one will have a price of 34.99 dollars and you already have them available to reserve online. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no specific release date from which we can play with this little wonder.


Is it fun to move?

unpacking It is a concept as original as it is fun that also takes the opportunity to tell us a story as only great stories do: through the small details. Apparently this game SOLO invites us to place all the objects that are packed in the boxes of a move, leaving each one in the room that we think fits and in the most suitable piece of furniture. Not everything goes so if you want to put a toaster in the bathtub the game will tell you that nanai.

But between towels, fridge magnets, glasses, plates or saucepans, Wich Beam sneaks us the story of a girl whom we accompany over the years, in its different life stages beginning in 1997: from his small teenage room to his first experience away from his parents in a shared flat. Box by box and object by object, we will get to know a little better the story behind unpacking and that we already advance that it is touching.

Let the indies come to PS5

But with unpacking The indie novelties on PlayStation do not end. If a few days ago we had the great news that The Ascent is now available for PS4 and PS5 (March 24) after passing through Xbox and PC, in the future the rumor that Tunic could land on Sony machines.

This title, which is sweeping from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, It is the closest thing to a Zelda with an isometric perspective that you will seewith the permission of that mythical Ocean Horn from some years ago. The adventures of the little fox that smells like Link could have a chance on PlayStation, and it’s already in the air. Don’t you smell it?

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