One UI 6.0 will finally bring rapid updates to the Samsung Galaxy

Samsung is working hard to bring rapid updates to its Galaxy smartphones. It is Sally Jeong, vice-president of the firm, herself who says it. The manufacturer hopes that the functionality will be ready for the deployment of One UI 6.0, which is certainly not before next year.

On October 12, Samsung formalized the arrival in the coming weeks of One UI 5.0. The opportunity to discover all the new features that will accompany the new overlay, which will unlock the features of Android 13. However, the Korean firm does not intend to rest on the laurels. While One UI 5.0 is not yet available to everyone, the latter is already preparing for the arrival of One UI 6.0.

And as much to say that the next version of the overlay will make people happy. In an interview with Android Authority, Hyesoon (Sally) Jeong, Vice President of Samsung, gave a first look at what to expect from the update. There is no doubt that the major novelty of this one will be the long-awaited arrival of rapid updates on Galaxy smartphones.

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Samsung will finally offer rapid updates with One UI 6.0

Indeed, Sally Jeong has confirmed that Samsung is working on the feature and hopes to roll it out. at the same time as One UI 6.0. It will therefore be necessary to wait at least another year before being able to update your smartphone without having to put it aside and wait ten minutes. No doubt this project comes in response to the new Android 13 policy which intends to impose rapid updates on all manufacturers, although Sally Jeong did not wish to comment.

This is great news for all Samsung smartphone users, many of whom have expressed disappointment at the lack of the feature on the Galaxy S22s. It is indeed time for the manufacturer to address the issue, at a time when many of its competitors have already taken the plunge, some for several years. All that remains is to be patient.

Source : Android Authority

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