Orange: Livebox 6 arrives on April 7 in a new Livebox Max offer at more than €50 per month

After several years of waiting, Orange will finally unveil a new fiber box at an event tomorrow, the Livebox 6. This will correct the main flaws of the Livebox 5, including the lack of Wi- Fi 6.

Livebox 6 Orange

Orange has been putting everything on its Livebox 5 for several years now. Presented in 2019, this fiber box which was intended to be environmentally friendly did not offer the latest standards available on the market such as Wi-Fi 6 or even the 10 Gb/s Ethernet, yet present in most of their competitors.

To try to stand up to Bouygues and SFR who both offered Wi-FI 6 with their Bbox Fiber Wi-FI 6 and SFR Box 8, Orange had finally launched a Wi-Fi 6 repeater, but which could not replace the performance from a box. Orange will finally correct the situation with its new box Livebox 6whose technical characteristics had leaked as early as December 2021.

What do we know about Orange’s Livebox 6 the day before its announcement?

While the official announcement is scheduled for tomorrow, we now know thanks to information from MacGeneration that the new Orange Livebox 6 will only be offered in a new offer even more expensive than all current offers. As a reminder, the Livebox Up package is currently offered at 29.99 euros per month for one year then 49.99 euros. The Livebox 6 would arrive in a new Livebox Max offer, which would therefore be placed at more than 50 euros per month.

We also learn from the Orange Conseil Twitter account that this new offer will be available from April 7. In another message in response to a user, the operator’s official account also confirms that the box will be eligible for in-store pickup on the same date, so that the most impatient among you can enjoy it quickly.

At over 50 euros per month, the offer would be much more expensive than that of its competitors, including theBouygues Bbox Ultym offer at 28.99 euros per month for one year then 46.99 euros. The latter has the advantage of offering the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard, while we still don’t know if the Livebox 6 will be satisfied with classic Wi-Fi 6 or not. While waiting for tomorrow’s official presentation, you can already discover the official design of the new Orange box.

Source: MacGeneration

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