Our family life was in chaos, until we discovered this cloud planner

For most, summer is already far behind, so the routine begins either at work or at school. The same happens in everything related to our family life, so there must be a certain rapport between all members. To help us in all this we can use some software solutions as it happens with this cloud calendar which we will talk about.

We must bear in mind that technology at this time helps us to better organize our personal and professional lives. In this way we can use elements such as calendars or the virtual agendas that many developers offer us. In this case we are going to talk about an interesting solution that will allow us to organize our family life in a much more effective way. One of the main advantages offered by the agenda that we are going to talk about is that it works in the cloud.

Of course, to that interesting feature that we have to add that we can use all the features available here without spending a single euro. In addition, this is an agenda that all members of our family can carry on their mobile devices or use it from their desktop computer. Specifically and to organize the tasks of the whole family we can opt for the agenda in the cloud called In order for the agenda to be as efficient as possible, say that we can use it from its official website, or from the application to Android either iOS. - Tasks + Calendar

To do list & Calendar -
To do list & Calendar -

In the beginning all we have to do to manage our family organization is to create a free account in the online agenda. Obviously, we will have to provide the access credentials to all the members of the family.

How to organize my family life with this planner

The first thing we must take into consideration is that this web application in the cloud offers us everything we need to manage tasks together. This means that those members of the family to whom we give access to it will be able to create new tasks or lists to share with the rest. At this point, it is worth knowing that the entire process of creating new elements to share is extremely simple. Largely thanks to the intuitive user interface that we find here.

any agenda

From the work desk of the agenda in the cloud we can easily create new events and tasks, as well as lists to do. We must bear in mind that the changes can be carried out both from the desktop computer and from the registered mobile devices. Likewise, the modifications that we make in it by the registered relatives will be made effective in real time on all devices. This will allow all family members to more effectively manage and control our tasks, events, meetings and more.

new schedule task

Perhaps the most important thing here is to have a good event and task management that family members add. An administrator should be appointed to control the good work of all those who add content to the agenda in the cloud. There is no doubt that, if order is maintained and the software is used well, we will be able to organize the family year better.

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