Pixel 6: Google confirms that a bug prevents making calls and sending texts

The Pixel 6 is experiencing a serious connectivity bug. According to testimonies, smartphones regularly disconnect from the mobile network, preventing texting or making phone calls. Google is actively investigating the issue.

Determined to fix the many bugs spotted on the Pixel 6, Google recently rolled out an update containing several fixes. This December update features the monthly Android security patch, adds support for the UWB (ultra wideband) chip and fixes the notorious problem of random phantom calls that occur in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, the solution deployed by Google caused its share of malfunctions. According to testimonies on the web, installing firmware pushes the mobile network to log out regularly for no apparent reason, whether in 4G or 5G. In fact, many users are temporarily unable to make a phone call or send an SMS.

Google commits to fix Pixel 6 network bug as soon as possible

Apparently, this problem is particularly prevalent, whether in Europe or the United States. “My mom and I both use a Pixel 6 and the network randomly drops a few times. I have to activate airplane mode to reset the network ”, explains a user on Reddit. Similar testimonials can be found on the Google support page.

Faced with the scale of dysfunctions, Google has finally confirmed the existence of a bug. “We are actively investigating any reported connectivity issues and will update this post once we have more information to share”, explains a brand manager. In response to another user, Google said that its developers are working to resolve the problem.

“We have already raised this issue with the relevant team and they should work on it as a matter of priority. We ask that you wait some time until this issue is resolved. Our developers are working on it and I’m sure this issue will be resolved soon ”, continues Google customer service.

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While waiting for an update to be offered to correct the problem, some users have discovered workarounds to reestablish the mobile connection. For some users, it is apparently sufficient to deactivate 5G to correct the situation for a while.

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