Plakks launches crowdfunding to finance the manufacture of its new product

According to the Qustodio report, more than half of Spanish parents (52%) recognize that screens are negatively affecting their family life. The excessive use of electronic devices leads to daily problems at home for 16% of those surveyed and generates conflicts more than once a week for 34% of families.

This phenomenon, known as phubbing, implies ignoring those around us to pay attention to the mobile. In this context, the startup specialized in board games, Plakks, launches its new game. The Mini Plakks is a mini foosball table, made of wood and designed to encourage family interaction and reduce time spent on electronic screens. The goal is to offer a fun and stimulating alternative that allows young and old to enjoy an interactive game.

crowdfunding campaign

In order to finance the first major manufacturing, the company has launched a reward crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. with the aim of raising €10,000. In less than 24 hours the objective was met and they have already raised more than €24,000. The campaign ends on July 4 at 5:00 p.m. Those who support the release will get a 40% discount on the new game.

Mini Plakks is the reduced size version of its predecessor Plakks, its first game. It presents a more compact board and packaging, making it the perfect game to take on a trip or play on the go. As novelties of the new table football are that it introduces the coach mode, which consists in the fact that the players can line up their 6 footballers in the 9 holes of their midfield, according to their strategy. It is a soccer 7 game instead of the soccer 11 of its predecessor. Likewise, the goalkeeper in the Mini Plakks is mobile and can be controlled by the player, allowing to stop the opponent’s goals, unlike the previous model that had a fixed goalkeeper.

Plakks, which has a wide range of games in its catalogue, has established itself in the market since it was founded. Your commitment to release at least one new game every year It has made it possible to expand its offer and provide variety to fans of board games and to those who are not so fond of it. So far they have Plakks (soccer), Pitch&Plakks (minigolf), Olymplakks (multi-sport) and the recently launched Mini Plakks (soccer). For next year, the company already has a prototype of a new game in development and will evaluate the possibility of launching another. All Plakks products are made from wood and sustainable materials. And not only that, but they also plant a tree for each game sold, with the customer’s name.

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Plakks was launched in 2019 by Haritz Mugica and Jordi Dominguez, friends for more than 10 years. The first studied Business Sciences at the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and the second took a degree in Industrial Design Engineering at the ELISAVA University School of Design. Their goal is to develop fun board games that are perfect for family and friends and that serve to reduce 90 hours a year (an average that they have calculated if the game is played for 15 minutes a day) the time adults and children spend using electronic devices. .

In 2022, the startup increased its turnover by 50% and reached the figure of €300,000. In 2023, the forecast is to reach €400,000. Until now, Plakks has financed its growth from the sales generated, without resorting to external financing rounds. However, due to the expansion of the game catalog, increased investment in manufacturing, marketing and operations, the company plans to open a round of financing to take the project to the next level, and they are open to hearing proposals.

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