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One of the oldest games in the world of television, together with Who wants to be a millionaire? is Pass word. In this game, we must complete a donut where the initials of the words are shown (or include them) of the definitions that are given to us. Although it is true that we can enjoy this game for free through numerous web pages, it is not the same, read the questions than listen to themthe latter method being much more complicated.

If we have an Amazon speaker with Alexa, regardless of the model it is, if you want to play as if you were on the television set at the end of this game, we can do it by following the steps that we show you below.

Play Pasapalabra with Alexa

If we want to play the Pasapalabra game with an Alexa speaker, we just have to say “Alexa, play Pasapalabra”. Every week, there is a new donut to complete and we can participate as many times as we want, without any limit. The Alexa version of this game is available for one and two player. Unlike the TV show, we’re not going to get any prizes. Here you compete to be the person who takes the least time to complete the donut by answering all the questions correctly or incorrectly.

Just like in the TV show, if we don’t know the answer to a question we can say «pass word» for Alexa to ask us the next question. If we answer wrongly, the Amazon assistant will tell us what the correct answer is. If we take a long time to respond, the assistant will inform us that, when we know the answer, we just have to pronounce their name followed by the answer.

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With each mistake we make, it will ask us if we want to continue playing or if seeing that we do not answer most of the questions correctly, we want to completely skip the game and do something else. When we want to play again, Alexa will give us the opportunity to start from scratch or continue where we left off. When we complete the donut, Alexa will tell us the time we have marked, the number of errors and will inform us of the minimum time that other users have needed to complete that week’s donut.

While in the TV show we always know the letter associated with the question, when playing through voice commands alone, we are likely to forget which letter we are talking about, so it is advisable to use a pencil and paper to write it down if we don’t want to forget it. This game, unlike others, is not about a skills or anything similar, so it is not necessary to install it on the speaker using the mobile application or directly interacting with Alexa through voice commands.

This set is available on all Alexa speaker models, including those that integrate a screenalthough neither the questions nor the letter with which the definition we heard begins will be shown.

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