Playstation: after Uncharted, another cult license will land in the cinema

While the film adaptation of Uncharted has just been released in French cinemas, we have just learned that another cult Playstation license could well be transposed to the small or the big screen. And not just any since it is Gran Turismo!

Credits: Polyphony Digital

Definitely, the cinematographic adaptations of flagship video game licenses are on the rise at the moment. Netflix has just ignited the web with the announcement of a film adaptation of Bioshock, yours truly’s favorite FPS, while the film Uncharted has just landed in French cinemas.

We are also still waiting to see the first trailer for the HBO series The Last Of Us, with Pedro Pascal aka The Mandalorian as Joel. Of course, Uncharted is only the first step for Sony, which with its new structure Playstation Productionsintends to transpose other cult licenses from the manufacturer to the big screen.

gran turismo cinema
Credits: Twitter

Gran Turismo in the cinema? The project is in preparation

However, if we are to believe Carter Swan’s Twitter biography, producer at Playstation Productionsthe man is currently working on many adaptations among those of The Last of Us obviously, but also those of Uncharted, Twisted Metal, Ghost of Tsushima and… Gran Turismo!

A news that may seem surprising at first glance, except that in reality, the question of a film adaptation of the Polyphony Digital saga is not new. In 2013, the project was already on the table, with a certain Kevin Spacey producing and Alex Tse writing, co-screenwriter of Zack Snyder’s excellent Watchmen: The Guardians. According to the first drafts, the series/film would have told the story of a young video game champion who becomes a skilled professional racing driver.

Of course, the project got lost in the halls of Hollywood, and its construction came to a halt after sexual assault claims against House of Cards star. However, and if the project is still mentioned in Carter Swan’s bio, we can safely say that a film/series adaptation of Gran Turismo is still in the pipeline. As a reminder, an AI developed by Sony recently exploded the times of the best players in the world. It could be used in Gran Turismo 7 to offer a particularly high challenge.

Source: Twitter

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