PlayStation Plus will arrive in Spain on June 22

After years tossing around the concept and with a multitude of rumors about it, PlayStation Plus (version 2.0, we should say) became a reality officially confirmed on March 29, when it complained of being a “secret” project with the code name Spartakus, to assume the name of one of the services that Sony already offered, but very reformed and expanded to respond, finally , to the more than audacious initiative shown by Microsoft with Xbox Game Pass.

We must remember that when the Microsoft service was already beginning to emerge as a game-changerwhat the Anglo-Saxons would say, that is, a novelty that came to change the pre-established rules, Sony still insisted on affirming that PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now were fine as they were, and that in their case they saw no future for a subscription system to a catalog of games with triple A novelties as those of Redmond were already doing.

Fortunately (in my opinion, at least), somewhere along the way they realized they were making a mistake, closing to a model that did nothing but give joy to Microsoft, and decided to get down to work. If you want to know the chronology of this change, we will tell you about it here, a week before Sony finally confirmed the new PlayStation Plus, with all the details… except the exact date of its arrival and the titles with which the service will debut.

For the second, for the moment, we still have no answer, but the first point has been clarified, as we can read on the official PlayStation blog, in the sand reports the various release dates for PlayStation Plus around the world. They are the following:

  • Asian markets (excluding Japan): target date is May 23, 2022
  • Japan: target date is June 1, 2022
  • America: target date is June 13, 2022
  • Europe: target date is June 22, 2022

So it’s official PlayStation Plus will debut in Spain on June 22, 2022, just two months from now, and almost a month after doing so in Asian markets, with the curious exclusion of Japan, the home of Sony, from this group. With regard to Latin America, I want to understand that it is encompassed within the launch of June 13, that is, that the service will debut there nine days before doing so in the old continent.

It is to be hoped that in the month that remains until the first of the debuts takes place, we will start to have news about the titles included in PlayStation Plus. However, we must not forget that licenses can change from one region to another, so we must not interpret that the catalog of one region will be similar to the rest.

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