PlayStation summons us again to show us the future of PS5

What we could see

The prey note of PlayStation has been quite brief, and as they have commented, the event will focus on news related to the work of PlayStation Studios and some other developers who are currently working for PS5. As far as PlayStation Studios is concerned, the first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of discovering the first images of the new God of War, but we prefer to remain calm and not create false expectations in that regard.

God of war ragnarok

In any case, the closest closest caliber title is Horizon Forbidden West, and at Gamescom they already gave him his minutes with a presentation that did not say more that it had been delayed until February 18, 2022. That said, the most renowned studio that could surprise us in the short term would be Santa Monica Studio with God of War, and with Sucker Punch, Insomniac, Bend Studio and Housemarque with their works of Ghost of tsushimto, Ratchet & Clank, Days Gone and Returnal recently completed, the only big surprise we could expect in the form of a bombshell would be something from Naughty Dog. Will they be able?

Hollow for other developers

Abandoned Intro

As Sony has described, the conference will also leave room for developers with the most imagination in the industry, so we will also see future creations that will arrive between this year and the one that comes to PS5 from the hand of studies outside the company. Taking into account that we are talking about a conference where PlayStation Studios will have a large part of weight, leaving room for other developers could indicate very specific studies with large alliances.

And who has great alliances with Sony and is one of the most imaginative developers in the industry? Okay okay, you better let’s abandon that damn theory.

What we will not see

PlayStation VR

But if there is something that we will not see at all, it will be related to the new virtual reality glasses. Sony has wanted to be once again especially clear with the future hardware, and has indicated that this conference will not include any type of advance on the new generation of PlayStation VR, so we will have to keep waiting to know in detail what the company’s new glasses will offer us.

Looking at them, it seems that the conference on September 9 could be quite busy, so, please, do not forget the date and make sure to follow everything they tell live so that later you will not be caught by surprise. Be that as it may, we will tell you all the news here, at El Output.

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