Why you won’t find a PS5 during Amazon Prime Days

The PS5 is extremely hard to find: the console has been constantly out of stock since its release. It is therefore completely far-fetched to imagine that it could be sold during Amazon’s Prime Days, when it is not even available on Amazon.

Don’t be fooled by the headlines of some unscrupulous news site articles – there won’t be a PlayStation 5 on sale during Amazon Prime Day, the two-day event, June 21-22, 2021.

Internet sites play on the ambiguity of the presence of the PS5 on Amazon during the Prime Days

Amazon Prime Day is organized by the multinational Jeff Bezos every year, which allows Internet users who are subscribed or subscribed to Amazon Prime (you have to pay 49 euros per year) to have advantageous discounts on certain products. This is only an event organized by Amazon, although other e-commerce platforms generally take the opportunity to offer discounts, so as not to be completely devoured by the American leader.

For there to be products on promotion, there must be … products

So why couldn’t the PS5 be one of the promotional products during Prime Days?

It may seem obvious, but it never goes to waste to say it again: the discounts activated during Amazon Prime Days are for products that are .. for sale on Amazon the rest of the time. However, the Sony PS5 is simply not found, almost permanently, since its release on November 19, 2020. This even gives rise to funny anecdotes, like this game exclusive to the PS5 which does not have enough players ( because probably not enough PS5 on the market) to function effectively: its creators had to add bots to occupy the gamers.

It only takes a simple search on to realize it: no PS5 is in stock – moreover, the home page does not even offer a link to a product sheet, we only find accessories to go with the console. It is therefore very unscrupulous to suggest, in press articles, that it would be possible to find a PS5 during the Prime Days.

A PS5 search on // Source: Screenshot June 21, 2021

Why is the PS5 so nowhere to be found?

The problem is actually decorrelated from Amazon’s Prime Days: the PS5 is breaking down everywhere, and it’s not likely to end anytime soon. Hiroki Totoki, CFO of Sony, was not very optimistic, in the columns of Bloomberg on May 10: ” I don’t think demand is going to subside this year, and even with producing significantly more PlayStation 5s next year, our volumes won’t be able to meet that demand.

In short, the purchase of a PlayStation 5 will probably never (or in the much more distant future) be done on a whim, by catching a copy on the fly in a department store. And it’s a safe bet that when PS5s go on sale on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Boulanger, Darty or Micromania, the consoles will tear up in just a few seconds, again generating a shortage.

There is not just one reason for this out of stock, but a combination of several factors, including the huge demand (the PS4 has sold 115 million copies) and the shortage of components that is plaguing many. industries (especially semiconductors). All this, reinforced by smart kids who pounce on all copies as soon as they are put on sale, to then resell them at a higher price, always creating more demand.

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