PS5, Xbox Series X: Amazon will reserve restocks for Prime subscribers

Upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks on Amazon will be for Prime subscribers only. The American giant has just announced the news on its American website, suggesting that a new supply of consoles is expected in the coming weeks.

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The PS5 and Xbox Series X are among the most sought-after products for the holiday season 2021. More than a year after their release on the market, both home consoles remain scarce commodities. The few restocks sell out in a matter of minutes. Often, new stocks are mostly taken up by speculators, anxious to generate profits by reselling machines on classified ad sites.

In this complicated context, Amazon made the decision tobenefit subscribers to the Amazon Prime program. On the American website of Amazon, we can indeed read on the page dedicated to the PS5: “Amazon Prime customers will have priority access to PlayStation 5 until December 31”. Same story on the page dedicated to Xbox Series X. On the other hand, no similar warning is visible on the French website of Amazon.

Amazon to prioritize PS5 and Xbox Series X to Prime customers

We imagine that this measure aims to discourage speculators as well as to promote the Amazon Prime membership. Offered at a price of only 49 euros per year, the Prime subscription gives priority access to flash sales, to obtain faster deliveries than other customers, to access the Amazon Prime Video catalog or even Amazon Music. . Very accessible and widespread (in the USA in particular, with 50% of households who are subscribers), the Prime subscription should not make it possible to avoid the horde of scalpers who will pounce on each restock.

The latest news is that Amazon plans to put on sale a new stock of consoles by the end of the year, probably in anticipation of its customers’ Christmas shopping in the US market. It is also in anticipation of this replenishment that the online commerce giant has added these mentions to its site. For now, it is not known whether new stocks of PS5 and Xbox are also expected by the end of the year in Europe.

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