Purivortex 201B Review: Finally, a compact air purifier that really works!

It’s tough to deal with a polluted environment. Air pollution is a very real issue that can cause a lot of health problems, and we can’t do anything about it. Purivortex 201B air purifier can help you reduce the level of pollution in your home and thereby reduce the health risks. This Purivortex 201B air purifier review will look at the features of the purifier, how it can help you and what the purifier can be used for.

What is the Purivortex 201B?

The Purivortex 201B is a compact, portable air purifier that can be used in houses, small apartments, and offices. The product has an advanced HEPA filter that removes 99.99% of pollutants from the air, including bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Besides being compact enough for personal use, this device is also powerful enough to handle larger spaces, like bedrooms and workspaces.

What makes this model so special? Well, it features three different cleaning modes that allow you to customize your experience based on what exactly you’re trying to get rid of in the air. For example: if you have pets who shed fur or pollen allergies, then the “Full Speed Mode” will be perfect for you. Or if you just want fresher air and less dust floating around your house, then the “Medium Speed” will be just right for you!


The Purivortex 201B air purifier is a compact and portable design. It’s small enough to fit on a countertop or nightstand, and it has a simple, modern aesthetic that blends in with any decor.

The Purivortex 201B air purifier measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches, and it weighs just 2 pounds. This makes it easy to carry from room to room if you need to move it around the house, or even take it with you on vacation or to another location where you may want to use it temporarily.


The Purivortex 201B air purifier is a great option for anyone who wants to keep their home or office clean and fresh.

It’s compact and portable, designed to fit anywhere you need it, and can be used in any space up to 215 square feet. It has 3 fan speeds, 5 timer options, and an energy-saving DC brushless motor that guarantees high efficiency as well as long service life and lightness. The noise level is 20dB—low enough that you can use it all night without affecting your rest.

Its 3 Stage H13 True HEPA Filtration technology ensures that all the dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles, and other contaminants are removed from the air before it’s cycled back into your space. The 360° air intake design makes sure that no matter where the purifier is placed in your home or office—or how much traffic there is around it—it will still be able to capture all that stuff from wherever it enters the room.


The Purivortex 201B air purifier is one of the most popular and well-reviewed air purifiers on the market. Purivortex timer options allow you to set the purifier to run continuously or on a schedule, so it can be used in any room of your home and at any time of day. The three fan speeds are ideal for different types of rooms. The light button turns on an LED light that shines, which makes it easier to see if anything has collected in there over time – especially important when you’re trying to clean out pet hair! Overall, the Purivortex 201B is an excellent air purifier that can help to improve the air quality in your home.

Installation and maintenance

Installation is super easy. It’s as simple as plugging it in and setting the timer. The Purivortex 201B is an easy-to-install air purifier that can be set up by anyone, even if they aren’t a professional. The product comes with an instruction manual that walks you through the installation process. Once you have your purifier installed, it’s important to follow the maintenance schedule in order to keep your filter from wearing out too quickly and ensure that it is always working at maximum efficiency. The 201B is designed to be super low-maintenance, so you don’t have to do much aside from turning it on and off.


If you’re looking for a quality air purifier at a great price, the Purivortex 201B is the one for you. This small, compact device uses HEPA filter technology to remove airborne particles from the air in an average-sized room. And at just $45.99 on Amazon, it’s hard to beat! You can buy it on Amazon as well.

It’s quiet! You can run it overnight and barely know it’s on.Remote control not available
Easy to carry, it takes up little space 
Affordable and high-quality at the same time. 
In sleep mode, you can set the fan speed, so it doesn’t make noise when you’re trying to fall asleep. 

Bottom Line

The Purivortex 201B is a great air purifier that really works. It can get rid of all the harmful particles in the air and make your home a safer place to live in. If you are looking for an air purifier that can do the job, then this product is definitely the one for you.

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