Razer presents the Viper Mini Signature Edition, a work of art made mouse

For those looking for the most advanced mice on the market, pay attention to the Viper Mini Signature Edition just introduced by Razer, the elite of the elite in design, materials, performance, technology and also in price. The user who wants to get hold of this wonder will have to scratch his pocket… based on good.

Razer has one of the best catalogs of gaming peripherals, accessories and furniture in the industry, but it wants more and as Charlie Bolton, Head of Industrial Design at Razer, says, “The Viper Mini Signature Edition represents the most ambitious engineering and design project that we have ever undertaken.”

And it is that the manufacturer has chosen a magnesium alloy which is not usually used in this type of peripherals where polycarbonate abounds, much cheaper and easier to handle. The result is a work of art of only 49 grams, a durability that seems to last a lifetime and “a tactile feel that surpasses any other mouse you’ve tried”, they assure. Each unit is created with an injection molded exoskeleton that is CNC machined before being polished.

The exoskeleton shell is passivated to reduce any susceptibility to corrosion, then painted and assembled. At every step, each unit is meticulously inspected to maintain the highest quality in the process and deliver the most advanced mouse from Razer.

Viper Mini Signature Edition, beyond magnesium

As expected, Razer applies its most advanced technologies starting with the main component of any mouse, a maximum performance Focus Pro 30K optical sensor, together with Razer Gen-3 optical switches, and the fastest wireless technology in gaming peripherals, the HyperPolling Wireless with true 4000 Hz polling rates. Say that the mouse can be fully charged in 90 minutes, although it can also be connected by a 1.8-meter cable provided by Razer.

The mouse comes complete with a set of accessories, the Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle, a USB Type A to Type C cable, grip tapes, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 feet, a microfiber cleaning cloth, 2 sets of grip beads and 2 alcohol pads.

The Viper Mini Signature Edition ships with an additional 3-year warranty and will be available exclusively on starting February 11. Regarding price, we do not have good news for fainthearted budgets since it will cost €319.99. If you’re willing to make that investment, you get one of the best gaming mice in the industry.

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