Reebok and Warner team up to launch several Looney Tunes sneakers

Reebok is not going to be left out of the nostalgic party either. While Nike bets heavily on the franchises of the 80s and 90s and Adida does the same with the Marvel sneakers, Reebok has decided to go a little further back in time with the looney tunesthe cartoons that Warner Bros began producing in 1930. However, as the company’s goal is to appeal to nostalgia, the shoes that will launch in collaboration with this franchise They will be more recent. Specifically, the episodes that were remastered between 1990 and 1995, to which the color was added by computer, unlike the first colorization of 1968 which was done with traditional methods.

This is Reebok x Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes won’t be Reebok’s first collaboration with such franchises. We have recently seen the sportswear giant collaborate with The Flintstones and the power Rangersand now it is going to expand its range with the looney tunes. This new set is the continuation of its “inaugural capsule”, which was released exclusively in China earlier this year 2022.

The collection of shoes that have been presented are quite varied, and there is a total of 7 different models. Unlike other collaborations with other brands, Reebok has only decorated the shoes with the colors of the characters and places a small drawing of the mascots.

Looney Tunes Classic Legacy AZ Shoes

Looney Tunes Classic Legacy AZ Shoes

The first pair on the list is the Classic Legacy AZ Shoes pair. It costs about 110 dollars and represents the very same bugs bunny. In fact, the inner part of the shoe is made of suede with little hairs.

Looney Tunes Instapump Fury Zone

Looney Tunes Instapump Fury Zone

This model is based on the ray gun of Mavrin the Martianwith futuristic details and full of color.

Looney Tunes Instapump Fury 95

Looney Tunes Instapump Fury 95

With the Instapump Fury 95, Reebok invites you to run in front of the Coyote. It is a very elegant model with the colors of the mythical roadrunner.

Looney Tunes Hurrikaze II Low Men’s Basketball Shoes

Looney Tunes Hurrikaze II Low Men's Basketball Shoes

Luckily, these Hurrikaze IIs are a Reebok brand and not ACME. With this pair, the brand recalls the Coyote and his passion for explosives of dubious quality.

Looney Tunes Hurrikaze II Mid Men’s Basketball Shoes

Looney Tunes Hurrikaze II Mid Men's Basketball Shoes

This shoe represents the Tasmanian devil and is covered with hair. It is not a very functional pair, but it is one of the most original that has been presented.

Looney Tunes Nano X1 Men’s Training Shoes

Looney Tunes Nano X1 Men's Training Shoes

Indeed, this is the model that represents the wild cat. As they say, this pair comes with instructions, because misuse chasing Tweety can leave you seeing stars.

Looney Tunes Club C 85 Shoes – Kids Models

Looney Tunes Club C 85 Shoes

For the little ones, the brand has reserved this model in several different sizes with small details from the cartoon series. The fastening is with velcro straps

You can now reserve your model

reebook x looney tune

The Reebok x Looney Tunes collection will be available exclusively for members of Reebok UNLOCKED next May 23. The collection will be available to the rest of the world from May 26 on the Reebok website.

Alongside the sneakers, you can also purchase new themed clothing sets that include a coaches jacket, t-shirts, hoodies, and pants. That’s all that’s all that’s all folks.

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