repairing the OS becomes super simple, no need to reinstall everything

Microsoft is deploying to members of the Insider program a new update for Windows 11. This includes a new recovery system when the OS is the victim of failures or bugs. Thanks to Windows Update, the tool reinstalls the operating system while preserving user data. Magic.

Windows 11
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You have certainly experienced this situation. Your PC starts, but you notice that Windows behavior is strange. Especially since you installed a driver. There is certainly an underlying incompatibility with a recent update, or a bug that comes to put its grain of sand in this well-oiled mechanism of Windows! At first, you can handle the inconvenience. But it gets worse. Until the point where it became impossible to use the operating system : very slow to start, very slow to open software and very slow to bring a new device to the desktop.

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Under these conditions, there is generally only one solution left: pure and simple resettlement. At first, you thought you could repair Windows using the tool built into the operating system. But, everyone knows that Startup Repair functions do not fix all problems. Especially the bigger ones. Reinstallation is therefore mandatory, but so time-consuming. You have to back up your files, list the software that will need to be reinstalled, then install the operating system, either from an online backup or from a blank version.

Reinstalling Windows 11 in the event of a bug becomes super simple

All of that may soon be a thing of the past. Indeed, Microsoft is working on a new system recovery function that is really super simple. It is based on Windows Update, the tool that allows you to download and install Windows updates. To find it, just go to the Windows settings menu, then System and Recovery. There are two options: repair Windows without reset or repair Windows using Windows Update.

windows 11 repair tool windows update
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It is the second option that interests us. The tool will then suggest a version to install. Just select it and start the installation. The process is simple : once the action is validated, the system will download and install a brand new Windows 11 on top of the Windows 11 to be repaired. And this without touching the user’s applications, files and data. Of course, there is a constraint: your PC must still be able to connect to the Internet to download the installation file. It is also not specified whether the repair can be carried out in safe mode.

Discovered by our colleagues from Neowinthis function has been pushed into the build numbered 25905 of Windows 11 with members of the Insider program. This means that it is still in beta state and not available to everyone. But if it is adopted by Insiders, it is obvious that it will include an upcoming Windows 11 public update. We hope so, because the promise is really good.

Source : Neowin

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