Ronaldo shows that he is also a phenomenon in Warzone

Ronaldo Nazario left football lovers with unforgettable moments with memorable performances in the best teams in Europe, but it seems that The phenomenon he continues to have that ability to surprise even in something that has nothing to do with football. And we are talking about nothing less than Call of duty.

From elite footballer to streamer

What many consider the best 9 in the history of football has decided to make the leap as a streamer through his Twitch channel RonaldoTV, and since the end of November he has been broadcasting his Warzone games live. And to the surprises of many, Roonie plays quite well.

The latest example of his skill could be seen in one of his latest broadcasts, as he was able to defend a member of his team by taking advantage of the information provided by a UAV and some heart attack reflexes.

The best attacker defending

After appearing through one of the red doors, Ronaldo activated an Advanced UAV to identify the position of the attackers. This revealed on the map the position of the three players who were willing to enter the building where they were, which allowed our protagonist to occupy an advanced position and anticipate events.

After a crossfire, Ronaldo’s partner (whose nickname in Warzone is apparently Given, in relation to how he pronounced his name as a child) fell wounded, and he decided to go directly to the rivals to knock them down immediately. And that is exactly what happened, since, after a couple of explosions at the entrance door to the building, he quickly ran outside to finish off the remaining player and the rest of them lying down.

What weapons does Ronaldo use in Warzone?

The pair of weapons that Ronaldo was using at the time were an OTs 9 and a Geomatik, projects that are well known among the community for their excellent balance and shooting power, something that is quickly noticed by the excellent result they provide in the clip. in question (without detracting from the abilities of the phenomenon).

Other celebrities who play video games

This display of Ronaldo playing video games is not surprising. Many celebrities have publicly shown their passion for video games, and one of the most striking recent examples is that of Manchester United player Diogo Jota, who is known for his passion for FIFA 22.

Such is his dedication to the EA game, that he recently disconnected from an online match due to having to head to concentration with his team prior to an official Premier match. The anecdote improved when Diogo Jota himself wrote privately to the player apologizing for the cable pull, assuring that he should run to work.

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