Andrew Garfield, officially fed up with being asked about Spider-Man

And in a recent interview on GQ, where he answered questions from his fans, you can already imagine what the star question was, right?

It’s over, Andrew Garfield is exhausted from being asked

In fact, this is what he said, literally, in case it doesn’t make you long to listen to the interview in English (we recommend it, by the way, even with translated subtitles from YouTube):

«Look, at this point … it’s over, I’m done. We will all find out about that when the movie comes out and we will be very disappointed or very happy … Sorry in advance».

The last sentence is enigmatic, but what is clear is that it is already there, He will not say more or yes, or no. To begin with, because it does not matter what he says (it has always been that he does not), since nobody believes him. When he denies it, the replies immediately appear that Jamie Foxx has confirmed as Electro again, that alleged photos of him on the set have been leaked …

He does not care, his British stoicism holds for the moment and has ended the subject. Nevertheless, in that same interview he gives another juicy detail about the MCU.

The relationship between his Spider-Man and Iron-Man

In another question of the fans, they ask him what do you think would have been the relationship between your Spider-Man and Robert Downey Jr’s Iron-Man. We all know that he is an important driver in the current plot and in the character of Tom Holland, but Andrew Garfield would not have seen him the same.

In fact, he would have liked nothing to associate with Iron-Man.

«Definitely, I think my Spider-Man would be quite suspicious of the MCU’s Iron-Man. I think there would be some rejection of the excess, the billionaire and trillionaire status of Iron Man. I think my version of Spider-Man would not like it. But you know? Perhaps it could have had some influence on him. Maybe my Peter Parker could wake Tony Stark from his own selfish urges, at least a little. Now we will never know. We will literally never know».

The truth is that it fits a lot with Garfield’s Peter Parker, so different from Holland’s.

In that version of the multiverse, Spider-Man would have served as a mentor for Iron-Man, teaching him a bit about people’s real life, that we use the subway, forks, we work to live … And Andrew Garfield seems like a great guy , of those with whom you would have a beer and chat a little.

The truth is, if your wall-crawler would have received as much attention in its day as now, perhaps Sony would not have hacked the franchise so soon. Anyway, better for Garfield, than I was also tired of that role and the fame it brought him.

We will soon see if there has been a check large enough to wear red and blue again.

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