Safari overtakes Microsoft Edge and an “unknown” system gains share at the expense of Windows

The latest statistics from Statcounter show that, to the surprise of some, Safari has overtaken Microsoft Edge as the second most used desktop web browser. Obviously, the absolute leader in share continues to be Google Chrome, which has been unbeatable for years.

At the level of desk we find that Google Chrome continues to lead the desktop industry with a 66.13% share; followed by Safariwhich has finished 11.87%; and of microsoft edgewhich has been done with the eleven%. This data is very surprising because Safari, officially, does not spread outside Apple platforms, so the second place obtained by Safari has been achieved only with the push of macOS, which according to the same portal only has 17.78%. of the users.

Microsoft Edge has shown a slight decline by accumulating 11.13% of users last month, while Safari has risen from the 10.92% that it monopolized in March 2023. On the other hand, the situation of Firefox is dramatic, which lost more than eight tenths to go from 6.47% in March to 5.65% in April. Despite Mozilla trying, according to Statcounter it is not getting results.

Shares of desktop web browsers according to Statcounter until April 2023

The situation remains more or less the same in the platforms for mobile. Chrome dominates clearly with the 61.96% quota, although here a certain setback is appreciated if we see that in August 2022 it had 65.04%. Safariwhich is only used here through iOS, achieves second place with the 26.85% and it is the last browser that manages to overcome the 10% barrier. The following are Samsung Internet with 4.8%, Opera with 1.88% and UC Browser with 1.71%. It is known that Firefox accounted for a meager 0.52%.

Shares of mobile web browsers according to Statcounter until April 2023

As far as desktop operating systems are concerned, what stands out is that windows has lost approximately 11% share in the last three months to go from 74.14% to 63.13%. This decline in the Microsoft system has been used to a lesser extent by macOS and especially by the mysterious Unknown, which more than one indicates that it corresponds, at least in a percentage, to misidentified Linux systems, but it is also possible that they are systems They work through a VPN. The quota of Unknown has risen massively over the course of a month to go from 7.3% to 12.5%.

And up to here the shares of web browsers and operating systems in consumer computing. It is important to bear in mind that the data published by Statcounter is not an absolute truth, but it can be used to get an idea of ​​the current and past situation in the sector.

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