The cheapest Apple Watch will not be able to update to WatchOS 9

Yesterday was the WWDC, the event where Apple usually presents its software improvements. Like every year, those from Cupertino presented a new version of WatchOS, the operating system of the Apple Watch. The watchOS news was few, something that we expected, since this system is already in a very advanced state, and it turns out. However, what surprised us most about this system is that it will not be present in one of the watches that Apple is selling on its official website at the moment.

watchOS 9 leaves out the humblest Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3

A couple of years ago, Apple launched the Apple Watch SE (2020) as a more affordable alternative within its smartwatch catalog. It came out at 299 euros, but it was still not the cheapest watch from the company with the bitten apple. One step below the SE, the Apple Watch Series 3 has continued to be sold at a price of 219 euros.

The Watch Series 3 was released in 2017, and originally came with watchOS 5.0. After several years on the front lines, Apple has decided to make a somewhat strange move: leave it out of the last systemdespite the fact that you can buy a new one in its official store right now.

Is there an explanation?

Although Tim Cook’s team has us used to keeping some of their products updated for years, it is possible that the specifications of the Watch Series 3 are insufficient to move the new system.

There have been many customers who have ever accused the company of killing the performance of their devices with new updates, so it is possible that Apple has decided the most sensible solution and not support this system. On the other hand, it is possible that this model will not benefit from the improvements that watchOS 9 brings.

Which models will be able to upgrade to watchOS 9?

When this new system is released in the fall, it will be able to be installed on all of these Apple smartwatches:

  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series SE

What improvements will we find in watchOS 9?

watchos 9 improvements

The biggest improvement we’re going to see in watchOS 9 is the inclusion of Medicines, an app in which we will introduce the medicines that we have to take every day and the application will give us the warnings and allow us to keep track. A very interesting idea that exists in third-party apps, but it is appreciated that Apple integrates it into its health ecosystem for watchOS and iOS.

On the other hand, runners who have a compatible watch will also benefit from the new running improvements. The new watchOS 9 will allow you to customize the app a lot Between us, with warm-up sessions and stages that can be set to measure. The watch will also serve to correct posture when running.

Lastly, the sleep analysis will also improve on this new system. The Apple Watch will now be able to recognize the phase of sleep we are in, so you will never want to recharge your watch at night. Finally, a system capable of making a atrial fibrillation monitoringuseful for all those people who suffer from heart problems.

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