Sale: The best in-ear headphones from Sony have a discount

if you’re looking for in-ear headphones, you can not stop taking a look around here. The reason is that right now you can get hold of the best specimens of sony at a discounted price, which is always good news considering that the firm is not exactly “low cost”. In case you want to bet on a quality team and with a specialized firm behind it, this is your offer, there is no doubt.

Sony WF-1000XM4, the best in-ears with noise cancellation

Sony revolutionized everything when it launched its noise canceling over-ears. The WH-1000XM are undoubtedly one of the favorite models of the general public due to the enormous quality they offer and the great Noise Canceling function they incorporate, which makes paying for their price always feel more than justified. For those who prefer the in-ear format, the Japanese brand also decided to launch a version of this type, with button-type headphones that have conquered more than one ear.

As we pointed out, the Noise Cancellation Thanks to its integrated V1 HD processor, it is undoubtedly one of its key and most attractive points, but it is not the only one. The WF-1000XM4 enjoy some grippy pads that reinforce that feeling of isolation, while opting for high-quality sound with DSEE Extreme and LDAC.

They are also perfect for receiving calls and boast Speak-to-Chat feature, which makes the music stop automatically when you speak. Its proximity sensor helps to have a adaptive reproduction (which you can always modify to your liking in the Sony app for your smartphone) and integrates two accelerometers that detect whether the headphones are on or off.

Sony WF-1000XM4

According to the autonomy, You don’t have to worry: between its battery and that of its transport case you have 24 hours of music with noise cancellation activated. They also enjoy a quick charge function, so you will have up to 60 minutes of operation with just 5 minutes of charging – perfect for an emergency.

One of its best historical prices

Without reaching the minimum, these Sony headphones are enjoying a great offer today that leaves them at one of their best prices since they were placed on Amazon shelves. Although its official price is 279 euros, it is true that they have been for some time with a label that was around 200 euros on average, something that is now forgotten -we do not know for how long- with a discount that leaves them in only 169.15 euros.

A discount therefore that you should not reject, even more so when they are shipped and sold by Amazon itself, with all the facilities that this entails. If you buy them in the next 5 hours, you can be releasing them this Monday, that is, the day after tomorrow! What are you waiting for?

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