Samsung updates its line of SD cards for content creators

Samsung has announced the launch of its new “Pro Ultimate” memory cards. They are the top-of-the-range SD (and microSD) cards from the South Korean firm and are intended for professional content creators.

SD memory cards are still very necessary, especially in their microSD format, the smallest and most sold of this standard that offers storage solutions. external and removable storage for almost any device, due to its versatility, low cost and its capacity in a tremendously small size. In this way, these solutions are present in a large number of devices, from cameras to tablets, through computers, GPS, portable consoles and a very long etc.

Samsung SD Pro Ultimate

Samsung focuses its new cards on professional content creators, especially for DSLR cameras, drones or action cameras that need high-performance storage. Under the UHS-I standard, the company promises performance of up to 200 Mbytes per second in read mode and 130 Mbytes per second in writing. These speeds enable seamless transfer of large files such as 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video and Video Speed ​​Class 30 (V30) compatibility.

Samsung SD Pro Ultimate

To meet consumer needs for the ability to handle large volumes of content and fast transfers to other devices, the PRO Ultimate microSD card features Application Performance Class 2 (A2), facilitating high performance for random operations. reading and writing, as well as for multiple tasks such as running applications or operating systems from the cards themselves.

Samsung’s new cards feature an improved Error Correcting Code (ECC) engine in the driver and multi-test protection features that ensure safer data storage over extended periods. They have also passed the most rigorous tests in the industry for physical resistancewith features such as water protection for up to 72 hours in a depth of two meters, drop-proof design from heights of up to five meters, wear protection for up to 10,000 shocks, as well as magnetic and X-ray protection. It can also work in extreme temperatures.

The Samsung SD Pro Ultimate will be offered in microSD formats (available from this week on the international channel) and in SD starting in October. They are delivered with 10 year warranty and will be sold with different storage capacities, from 64 GB to 512 GBytes. Prices are contained and range from $20 to $93.

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