John Pinette, Meta’s chief communication officer, leaves the company

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, was born with the aim of demonstrating the support of the well-known social network for what is known as metaverse, a virtual universe generated through technology where people can carry out different interactions and lead a kind of second life. It is not a new approach, in fact it has already been executed numerous times through various types of video games, but it is true that Meta’s approach is much more ambitious.

The truth is that, taking into account what Facebook means for Meta, the development of a metaverse to promote said social network is almost a natural movement that, certainly, is full of meaning. However, it will be necessary to see how it evolves and, above all, how the company solves all questions regarding privacy and security that arise when thinking of a virtual universe controlled, and managed, by one of the companies that has generated the most problems, and controversies, at both levels.

I don’t want to sound negative, but the fact that top executives have left Meta is a clear sign that something is not going well. According to Reuters, the last to leave the company was John Pinette, Meta’s communication chief, and it seems that the reasons that led him to make that decision are not at all clear, since the spokesman who announced his departure refused to make any comment on that matter. We do know that Chris Norton, vice president of international communications, will be the one to fill his position on an interim basis until a permanent replacement is found.

John Pinette had previously worked managing the business and philanthropic activities of Paul Allen, beginning as Vice President of Global Communications for Meta in April 2019, when the parent company was still known as Facebook.

If we do the math, we see that in total he has been in Meta for almost three years. Although the reasons for his departure are not clear, it may be that the latest controversies that have arisen around the company, especially for everything related to advertising on its well-known social network, have had something to do with it.

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