satellite emergency SOS saves hiker after accident

Apple has once again saved the life of one of its users. A hiker who broke her leg in a remote area was rescued using the satellite emergency SOS feature of her iPhone 14.

Credits: Apple

The incident happened in Tujunga, where Juana Reyes and her friends were hiking the Trail Canyon Falls in Angelos National Forest. When the trail collapsed under her, leaving her with a broken legReyes and his companions found themselves in dire straits.

The problem is that there was no network in this area. Luckily, Reyes remembered the new satellite SOS feature on her iPhone 14, which she had recently learned about. ” We tried to call 911, but our phones weren’t working. Luckily my phone has a satellite SOS feature that was able to connect… I’m not sure how it works, I’m guessing it’s satellites “.

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His iPhone 14 allows him to call for help in a white zone

As a reminder, the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature alerts rescuers when needed and provides an easy-to-use interface to connect to emergency services using a satellite connection. It includes a short questionnaire designed to collect essential information, such as the location and situation of the user, which is transmitted to the dispatchers. Apple has worked with experts to develop standard questions and protocols to ensure a quick and accurate understanding of the user’s situation.

After completing the questionnaire, the interface guides the user to orient their iPhone to establish a satellite connection. The initial message sent to dispatchers includes theAnswers to quiz, location, altitude, iPhone battery level, and Medical ID if enabled.

Los Angeles County search and rescue teams said the incident was the third rescue made possible this year using the iPhone feature, and one that was crucial in many cases. Reyes was therefore able to be saved thanks to a helicopteras was also the case with motorists after falling off a cliff late last year.

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