Save electricity if you are going to use these devices for your television

There are devices that can consume a lot of electricity every day without you realizing it. It is not necessary to go for appliances such as an oven or a refrigerator, but also others such as those related to the television. They are devices that you can always have connected, but you really won’t always need them to be on and using energy. To prevent this from happening, we are going to give you some interesting tips that you can apply.

For example, you may have a game console, a video player, or speakers on your television. Maybe you always have them connected and that is going to consume energy. Spending more or less will clearly depend on the type of device and how efficient they are. There are models that can consume much more.

Use less electricity with television

When we talk about television electricity consumption, you not only have to take into account the TV itself; You should also think about other devices that you may have connected. This can cause consumption to increase considerably and you are spending more each month than you should.

Turn off what you don’t need

The first advice is common sense. It simply consists of disconnecting from the network everything that you do not need to always have on. If you’re not going to play with the game console, why do you need it to be powered on and connected to the television? You just have to disconnect it and that’s it.

The same can be applied with speakers, video players or any other device that you may have linked to the television. Turn them on only when you are going to use that specific device and you will save energy in your daily life. It is the same as you would apply with any appliance, for example. Keep in mind that phantom consumption can amount to over 10% of the total each month.

Use smart power strips or plugs

An alternative to manually disconnecting devices that you do not need next to the television is to connect them to a power strip. You simply turn off the power strip when you don’t need them and they will all be disconnected from the power. They will, therefore, stop consuming electricity and you will be able to save money on your bill.

You can also use smart plugs or smart power strips. In this case, you will have greater control over those devices. You will be able to turn them on or off even without having to be at home, since you do it remotely, simply through an application on your mobile phone.

Choose optimized devices

If you need to always have devices connected to your television, or at least for a long time, the ideal is for them to be optimized equipment. Not everyone consumes the same, as we have mentioned. This is where choosing a model that is efficient comes into play, allowing you to save energy without sacrificing good operation.

It is something similar to what you could apply with the television itself. You can see the label energy efficiency, For example. Current devices consume much less than those of a few years ago. You could take advantage and change the older ones for more modern and efficient ones.

Therefore, as you can see, you can save electricity if you use devices next to the television, such as speakers, game consoles or video players. It is key that Wi-Fi works well, to be able to take advantage of home automation and connect smart power strips, for example.

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