Smartphones, computers and tablets, the most purchased refurbished products

The marketplace for refurbished products, Back Market, has reported that smartphones, computers and tablets are the best-selling categories on the platform and highlights Iphone 11 128 GB, MacBook Air 13” (2017) and iPad 10.2 (2021) 9th generationas the most purchased reconditioned products by Spanish consumers since January of this year.

The marketplace also revealed that the best-selling brand of smartphones is Manzana, followed by Samsung and Xiaomi. In addition, it highlights that the most sought after refurbished product is the iPhone 12 and a growing interest in other electronics categories, such as video game consoles, the Nintendo Switch and tablets. When analyzing purchasing criteria, consumers rank price, item condition, professional refurbisher, reviews, and warranties as the most important things to consider when making a refurbished purchase.

Nathanaël Berbessou, general director of Back Market in Spain, has indicated: “Refurbished technology has emerged as an alternative more economical and sustainable compared to new devices. The inflationary context and the current consumption model, unsustainable in the long term, have also helped reinforce this trend among people”.

unlike of second-hand technology, which is sold by individuals without review or warranty, the refurbished technology has been restored to its original state or to a state of operation very similar to that of a new product, it has an excellent value for money and is a good solution to reduce the impact environmental. Recently, Back Market announced that the sale of refurbished technology within its platform has prevented the emission of more than 1 million tons of CO2, the equivalent of more than ten times a Spotify Camp Nou or a complete Santiago Bernabéu.

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