Someone has paid 3 years’ salary for an unopened iPhone 2G

Unopened iPhone 2G auction

Collecting sometimes has examples that are impossible to justify, and it is that, on occasions, the money that someone is willing to pay exceeds any type of reasoning. This is what has happened with this unit of the original iPhone 2G, a phone that was kept perfectly sealed in its original box and that has been auctioned for a huge amount.

The $63,000 iPhone

iPhone 2G auction

The auction house LCG Auctions has closed this weekend the sale of a unit of the original iPhone from 2007 in excellent condition, since it was a sealed unit that has been kept completely closed since the day of manufacture. As you can imagine, the state of the phone is perfect, so there are many who monitored the product to see how far it could go.

What perhaps many did not expect is that the initial price of $2,500 rose so much after a total of 27 bidssince the product got a new owner at the reach the whopping figure of $63,356.40. Yes, a product that 15 years ago it cost $499has ended up selling for no less than 100 times its value.

The model in question was the 8 GB version (there was another 4 GB version), an amount that now obviously seems ridiculous to us, since we are talking about storage memory, and not RAM.

Where does this iPhone come from?

The origin of this unit is quite peculiar. In its day, the owner received it as a gift, however, since it did not belong to the AT&T network, she could not use it (the iPhone was exclusive to said service provider at that time), so she decided to keep it, to such an extent that he forgot about him. Years later, recommended by a friend, she decided to take him to The Doctor & The Diva so that in her Theasure hunt section she could find out the real price of his precious treasure.

In the program they predicted that the iPhone would have worth about $5,000 (the show aired 3 years ago), and now, 3 years later, it seems like people were willing to pay a lot more for it. How far would you be willing to go to get an original iPhone in these conditions?

Via: Android Authority

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