Sony SLS-1A, a line array loudspeaker perfect for large rooms

The Japanese manufacturer has a catalog of sound products beyond any doubt. And now they have just announced the new Sony SLS-1A, a line array loudspeaker that is perfect for combining with large format monitors.

A model that, as the firm explains, has been created to respond to the common problems of large spaces with large-format monitors, such as poor acoustics, separation of image and sound or the inability to install speakers in such a way that they are prioritize each viewer’s listening experience.

«We are excited to introduce this new loudspeaker to the market to complement our established range of large format monitors, such as our BRAVIA® 4K Professional Monitors, Crystal LED B and C series and our range of professional projectors”, comments Christopher Mullins, Product Manager for Sony Professional Displays & Solutions. «The launch of the SLS-1A demonstrates Sony’s commitment to developing products focused on delivering the highest quality and most immersive audiovisual experiences for our customers, distributors and integrators in the retail, education and corporate sectors.”

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Large listening area for large monitors

To say that this model stands out for offer a wide listening area, generating a very clear sound field in large spaces. To do this, this Sony do SLS-1A equipment comes with eight patented magnetic fluid speakers with a flat, square diaphragm that produces clear, high-quality sound with hardly any distortion. The compact casing houses 8 channels of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and an amplifier with a maximum output power of 10W. In addition, the 8 speakers are arranged at narrow 48mm intervals.

With this, it is possible to expand the optical listening area to offer an effective sound system with which to enjoy the best acoustic landscape.

Its main features include:

  • Magnetic fluid driver with flat, square diaphragm for less distortion
  • Precise 96 kHz beam control with precise beam aiming and 96 sample rate DSP
  • kHz for floors with stairs
  • FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter (1024 taps at 96 kHz) built into each speaker unit, which
  • facilitates precise beam control over the entire frequency range
  • Dante® network and analog inputs for flexibility and simplicity of installation
  • Speaker casing and grille can be painted
  • Line-Array Speaker Manager PC application to control settings
  • Compatibility with EASE® Focus 3 sound simulation application and AFMG® FIRmaker® 3D coverage optimization technology

A very simple installation

In addition, due to its particular design, you can align it horizontally or vertically to enhance its flexibility and increase its capacity to be installed in all types of environments. also thank you

By incorporating 8 channels of AMP/DSP into a very rigid aluminum case, the SLS-1A can be aligned vertically or horizontally, increasing its flexibility and multiplying its ability to be installed in different modular designs. multiple speakers can be connected via a single Dante connection, and precise beam control makes the SLS-1A meet the requirements of various installation spaces. Whether in an auditorium or an office reception, loudspeaker modules can be installed either vertically or horizontally, and audio can be optimized using precise beam control based on room dimensions and listening needs. use.

A product that has not been designed for the consumer market, but perfect for conferences. At the moment its price is a mystery, but Sony will announce it in the coming weeks.

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