Summer Sale and Historic Low Price on 500GB and 1TB SSDs!

This time it has happened that we found two offers of the same product in different sizes and also both are at historical minimum prices within the Amazon platform. Are you thinking of mounting a new PC or do you need more capacity than the one you have? This is your offer.

Two irresistible offers to heat up the summer even more

SanDisk seems to want to heat up the summer even more with its offers, at least that is what is distilled in Amazon, where we can already find two of its most cutting-edge models at very succulent prices. We are talking of course about the Extreme Pro range, where the models offered correspond to the capacities of 1 TB and 500 GB respectively.

As we have commented and slipped, both models correspond to the NVMe and M.2 versions, which means high transfer rates, very high IOPS and in general a performance beyond any doubt. Therefore, they share some characteristics such as size and format (M.2 2280, PCIe 3.0 x4 or the NVMe protocol), as well as the total dimensions of 8.05 x 2.18 x 0.2 cm and the weight, only 40 grams.

But from there come the differences, since the durability, performance and capacity are different as expected in models of different capacities.

Extreme Pro 1 TB

If we take it by capacity, this SSD is in the middle of the table, since it is the middle brother of the range. We are talking about a 1 TB SSD in its most radical version, which is reflected by a performance beyond any doubt. With 3400 MB / s of sequential read and 2800 MB / s of sequential write is capable of achieving up to 500,000 IOPS over the NVMe protocol and thereby make performance take off.

This version also has a very high durability, since the brand figures it in no less than 600 TBW and as expected this is also part of the merit of its SanDisk nCache 3.0 technology. Its price is right now at 128.99 euros, a -15% discount taking into account that it started from 151.53 euros.

Extreme Pro 500 GB


It is the younger brother of the three models and therefore its performance is slightly below the larger representatives. Although you get the same 3400 MB / s in reading sequence than its 1 TB version, in writing the figure drops to 2500 MB / s, although IOPS are still respected.

As for durability, we talk about 300 TBW for this version, which also has nCache 3.0. For this 500 GB version the price drops a spectacular -40% to stand at 97.99 euros, no less than 65 euros discount.

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