SupRemo and Uranium Backup deal for Black Friday: 25% discount

What is SupRemo?

SupRemo Control it is one of the best remote desktop control software that you can use. Its installation and configuration is really simple: in just a few steps we can remotely control any computer with Windows, macOS or Linux, and manage it from anywhere, with just an Internet connection. This software also has applications for Android and iOS that will allow us to control our PC easily and quickly. In addition, thanks to SupRemo’s new Mobile Assist functionality, we can also remotely control our Android smartphone.

This software makes use of reverse connections for connectivity from clients who want to control the computer to the computer itself, in this way, it is not necessary to know the public IP address of the PC to be controlled nor will we have to open any TCP or UDP port to the connection. We will simply have to enter a user ID and a randomly generated password, although we could also define a key ourselves to control it unattended.

Regarding security, all communications are encrypted point-to-point with AES, each time the PC is restarted a new access password will be generated to avoid brute force attacks. In addition, it incorporates a white list system so that only certain IDs can access our PC, ideal to further protect access from outside. Likewise, we will always have the possibility of enabling the authorization request for each of the connections that are made, but in this case we could not use unattended access, because there must always be someone to accept the incoming connection.

Thanks to this program, we can control the desktop of any computer reliably, safely and quickly.

What is Uranium Backup for?

Uranium Backup is a complete software to make local or remote backup copies of our computer. Currently the company Nanosystems, which is the developer of Uranium Backup, has different versions of this backup software to adapt to the needs of users and companies. This software is characterized by having a very intuitive and fast interface, which will allow us to configure a set of backup copies really easily and quickly, in addition, we have a very complete reporting system in case of failure when performing the backup.

This software will allow us to make backup copies of files and folders, disk images, Exchange email, databases, virtual machines and much more. All these backups can be exported to internal or external hard drives, to NAS servers, FTP servers and also to various storage services in the cloud.

Depending on the version chosen, we will have several different options that are oriented to a specific audience. The most complete license is the Uranium Backup Gold version and it is the one that incorporates all the functionalities.

SupRemo and Uranium Backup deal on Black Friday

On this Black Friday 2021 we can buy the SupRemo software, renew the license or update it to the annual plan and we benefit from a 25% discount compared to the original price.

For example, if you buy a license for Supreme, We can do it from less than € 4 per month.

Likewise, in the case of Uranium Backup, enjoying the promotion, we can take advantage of a professional data protection program whose purchase has to be made only once, so there are no subscription plans, and includes automatic updates and technical support included, all this from only € 113 .

To benefit from this discount, you will have to add the software you want to the shopping cart between 11/22/2021 and 11/29/2021, and on the payment page, you must enter the discount code BLACKFRIDAY2021. Once the software is purchased, you can activate the license whenever you want from your Reserved Area without time limits. If you do not have a SupRemo or Uranium Backup account, the first thing you will have to do is register on the web.

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