Take advantage of the “mid-year sale” event and get Windows 10 for 11.20 euros

To this day there are still many people who do not bother to have their Windows or Office licenses in order because they have found ways to use this software in an “alternative” way. However, with the prices that we are going to talk about now, it would be almost absurd to continue without an original license that takes you out of trouble, and even more so because in this “mid-year sale” promotion, prices are lower than ever. literal way.

Your Windows and Office licenses cheaper than ever

Windows 10 at an incredible price

Microsoft Office cheaper than ever

Save more by buying both licenses at the same time

As always, these prices that we show you as an example in the lines above have the discount coupon HZ35 already applied, and you will realize that in this promotion instead of having the usual 20% discount it is 35%, which is why the licenses are cheaper than ever with this new promotion.

How does the purchase process work? It is safe?

If it is not a purchase process tested by ourselves and that we consider completely safe, we would not be recommending you to buy the licenses here; The purchase process is extremely simple and very similar to what you would do in any online store, with the exception that you must bear in mind that what you are buying is a digital license and not a physical product that will arrive at your home.

For this reason, you must register in the online store and it is very important that you do so with a valid email address, since the product will be received in the form of a digital license to the email address with which you register. That said, the process is the same as in any online store: log in, add the products you want to buy to the cart, and in this you must enter the discount code HZ35 to save 35% compared to the listed prices.

Windows licenses CDKDeals

After completing this step, you will proceed to the payment phase, in which you can choose different payment options, among which we highlight, of course, the option to do it through PayPal, the option that is not only the safest and that gives you the most guarantees as a buyer but is also the fastest (you also have secure payment by card if you prefer, as well as Mint or Neosurf).

Once the payment has been confirmed, in just a few minutes (generally between 5 and 10 minutes) you will receive in the email address your license code that you can now use to activate your copy of Windows or Office with the original license that You have bought. Remember that if you have Windows 10 Pro you will have to buy a license for this Pro version, the Home is not worth it.

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