These 5 games are based on Wikipedia: learn while having fun

internet is a learning source and almost infinite knowledge, that is something that practically nobody doubts at the moment. At the same time we can take advantage of all this in different ways, for example, playing, as we will see now.

Years ago, the walls of most homes were decorated with a huge number of fascicles corresponding to various encyclopedias. All this helped us to study or acquire all kinds of knowledge. However, that is a mode of use that has become quite outdated largely due to Internet. Hence, we can access all kinds of web pages to inform ourselves about almost any topic.

Likewise, we have the possibility of taking a look at the popular Wikipedia where we find hundreds of thousands of entries on the most diverse subject matter. In fact, it could be considered the digital encyclopedia par excellence at the moment and for years. But we can also benefit from this excellent source of wisdom in a more entertaining way, for example, playing.

access the Wikipedia through its main page and start reading may not be the most entertaining way to expand your knowledge. But through certain game-focused software titles, this can be made a much more accessible and entertaining task. Precisely for all this, in these same lines we will talk about some titles that you can use to play and learn at the same time.

Learn by playing thanks to Wikipedia

  • Linkdle: First of all, we find ourselves with a game that competes directly with the popular Wordle. The reason for this is that it offers us a daily puzzle based on the aforementioned Wikipedia. This is not a simple game and your main objective is to go from the starting item to the destination item in as few clicks as possible. We can only click on the links blues from any encyclopedia items already in the game. It will test your general knowledge.

  • Redactle Unlimited: we can affirm that the main objective of this other game is for us to discover certain terms to find out what the Wikipedia entry is. Thus we will have the possibility of guessing the correct words until we discover the title of the article in question. It is true that it will not be an easy task and our previous knowledge will play a fundamental role.
  • Title Takedown: surely many of you already know the mythical hangman game that allows us to entertain ourselves by guessing words and phrases. Here what we have to do is, using this same system, guess the title of a Wikipedia article. You have six lives in each game that you will lose as you make mistakes in the words.
  • WikiTrivia: in this case we find ourselves with a game in which we will have to order the articles exhibited from the Internet digital encyclopedia. As you can imagine here it will be very important to have some knowledge of history in order to win the games. In addition, we will have the possibility of saving the longest streak of correct answers.
  • The Wiki Game: here we find ourselves with an entertaining multiplayer title whose objective is to go from one initial article to another. In this case, speed is very important while we must make the fewest number of clicks. Each game consists of 2 minutes and we will see all the participants together with the number of clicks that they have used so far.

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