Take this 28 TB USB external hard drive with a 20% discount

Even though mechanical hard drives still have the best capacity / price ratio over SSDs, the higher the capacity the more expensive drives are and the higher the € / GB ratio. In this case we are going to talk about an external hard drive that contains two units of 14 TB each, but as you will see below, acquiring this 28 TB external drive is cheaper than buying the two units separately.

WD My Book Duo 28TB External Drive € 178 Discount

When you are handling a 28 TB capacity in a single disk drive, you need performance because otherwise any type of file transfer would take forever; For this, WD has equipped this My Book Duo with a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface that is capable of providing the unit with real speeds of around 220 MB / s both for reading and writing, thanks to the fact that internally, the two 14 TB disk drives that it houses work in RAID 0.

The device has a USB-C connector to connect to any type of PC, although it also includes a USB-C to USB-A cable to use a conventional USB 3.0 port and still offers the same transfer speeds. In addition to this, the device itself incorporates a hub with two USB 3.0 ports on its back to provide the system with additional connectivity, although obviously they also serve to automatically dump the contents of a pen drive or other external disk to its memory. internal.

WD My Book

Obviously, as this 28 TB external hard drive houses two 14 TB and 3.5-inch mechanical drives inside, it requires external power to function, so even though it is an external hard drive, we cannot consider it as a laptop. that, unlike external 2.5 ″ drives, it will not work only by connecting it via USB even though it is USB-C (this is because the interface is USB 3.1 Gen 1 and not Thunderbolt).

In case you were wondering since from the beginning we have told you that it is cheaper to buy this external disk on sale than its two internal 14 TB drives separately, this unit can be scalped, that is, it can be disassembled to remove the two hard drives from inside and use them individually if you want (something that will not only void the warranty of the device but will also spoil it, keep that in mind). Each 14 TB WD Red Plus inside has a unit cost of about 449 euros, so buying the two discs separately would already cost almost 900 euros.

Offer price and availability

WD MyBook Duo 28TB Drive

As usual, we have found the offer on Amazon Spain, through which you can buy this 28 TB disk drive with a 20% discount, which reduces its usual purchase price by 178 euros. As always, the supply is limited and once stocks are exhausted, the next batch will be sold again at its normal price.

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