Team17 takes a step back and cancels the arrival of the NFT MetaWorms

More and more developers and companies in the world of video games are trying to get into the world of NFT, and more and more users are opposing them. And it is that just two days since Team17 revealed for the first time your MetaWorms project, the company has announced its withdrawal from this world of tokens.

Unlike the usual waves of negative reactions led by fans, this time the bulk of the detractors towards this decision by Team17 came from the company’s own development partnerswith studies like Playtonic Y Aggro Crab, as well as the workers themselves within the company. Two fields that, added to the pressure of the players, managed to get Team17 to publish a small statement on their social networks announcing the withdrawal of their short career in the NFT.

While many companies like Ubisoft continue to cling to the hope that NFTs may one day be liked by gamersother developers such as GSC Game World (STALKER 2), have been forced to cancel all their short-term plans related to NFTs after receiving huge backlash from their player and fan communities.

A strong pressure that has already led other companies such as EA rethink their plans before even presenting them. We recently saw how Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, stated at its latest earnings meeting that while they think NFTs can play a significant role in the future of the video game industry, “right now it’s not something we’re striving against«.

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