The 5 series you should have seen this 2022 yes or yes

It’s over 2022 And it’s time to review many things: the best mobile phones of the year, the video games that have hit it off or the most viral videos of the last 12 months. But what about the series? What have been those that any lover of the small screen should have seen? Well, in the humble opinion of whoever writes these lines, they are the ones that we list below -spoiler: we have made a top 5 and a section of extras, since it is impossible to choose so few. Take a look and see if you are up to date the top of the year.

The Bear

Perhaps we are not exaggerating if we say that it has been the surprise of 2022. Nobody expected it or saw the overwhelming success that this particular TV series has had coming. With a duration per chapter of those that no longer remain (it lasts no more than 30 minutes), the dizzying pace (very dizzying) is the hallmark of this dramatic comedy that has the little kitchen of a Chicago sandwich joint as a setting. its protagonist, carmy (whose role fits Jeremy Allen White like a glove), has had to take over said business after the sudden death of his brother, leaving his position as chef in the prestigious kitchen of Manhattan’s Noma. Wonderful and unforgettable.

Where to see it: Disney+


More than one was already complaining that Disney was getting out of hand with this Star Wars spin-off on TV format and then Cassian Andor arrived and shut us all up. The series, which works as a prequel to Rogue Onehas been a real breath of fresh air, proposing a story that is a little further from fantasy and that embraces a plot more adult And it would be that you see it in other proposals of the franchise. Yes The Mandalorian It was the sensation at the time due to the novelty, Andor He has responded to it for going a step further by showing us how the origin of a rebellion is forged.

Where to see it: Disney+


Before we pointed out that The Bear It has been the great surprise of 2022, but it is true that it could well rival for its great originality with Severance. Separation, which is how it is known in Spanish, it is a series that will leave you very crazy from the beginning thanks to a singular approach: some employees of a mysterious company forget their life outside the official one once they are working and equally, they do not remember nothing what they have done during their working day when they leave the company and go home. The atmosphere, the characters and that mystery that surrounds everything are key in this dystopia whose first season is simply round.

Where to see it: AppleTV+

the house of the dragon

You may think that we are letting ourselves be carried away by the hearings, but the fact is that the adaptation of fire and blood to television is worthy of applause around here. As always, the production has taken the license to adapt some things from the book to the screen, but in general terms we can say that it has been a great bet, especially risky if we take into account the great shadow of Game of Thrones. The casting is fantastic and its plot guarantees us several seasons of action and entertainment, where dragons are the life of the party. What more could you want.

Where to see it: HBO Max

The route

We did not want to stop mentioning the Spanish series. It has been a good year for our production with fantastic proposals both in the cinema and on the small screen. Inside it, we will stay with The routea fantastic walk through a whole social movement that was lived in the 80’s era in Valencia. In this way, the series seeks to pay homage to the famous bakalao route and to the current that was experienced at that time, moving it away (in part) from the clichés to which it has always been prey. Not everyone liked his approach in hindsight, but hey, you should give it a shot and see for yourself, elder brother.

Where to see it: ATRESplayer PREMIUM

Round seasons and other series to highlight

In addition to the premiere of the new series mentioned, 2022 has also given us the occasional season worth framing that we cannot fail to mention here, such as the second of The White Lotus (HBO Max), with more punch than the first and which has earned it to establish itself as one of the best series in recent times; the second also of Euphoria (HBO Max), in which it is shown once again that Sam Levinson is an audiovisual artist and that Zendaya has one of the roles of her life; and the sixth and last of Better Call Saulwith which a round, entertaining TV series closes, with fantastic photography and a wonderful script, and in which all its actors are more than up to the task (special mention to Bob Odenkirk, immense, who should to win the Emmy this coming year, and to Rhea Seehorn, who hasn’t even been unfairly nominated, by the way).

Other series that deserve to be mentioned:

  • The wonderful The Crown and its fifth season on Netflix
  • the fun Garcia! on HBO Max
  • The Boys and its crazy third season (on Amazon Prime Video)
  • The second season of Hacks on HBO Max
  • Pachinko and her beauty on Apple TV+
  • The apocalyptic scenario of Blackout (Movistar+)
  • The overwhelming and entertaining wednesday (Netflix)
  • The tender heartstopper Netflix
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime Video

What would you add to this list?

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