The Apple WWDC 2022 already has dates: from June 6 to 10

Although there are still a couple of months to go, we finally know that WWDC 2022, that is, the event for developers organized every year by Apple, and that on many occasions also usually brings the odd interesting announcement, will be held between Monday 6 and Friday 10 June. And, although we could already assume it, the technology company has confirmed that this year it will repeat the exclusively online format that we already saw in previous years. And it seems that, with few exceptions, many companies consider that it is still early to recover face-to-face events.

The WWDC 2022 is, as I mentioned before, a conference in which those from Cupertino provide information, sessions and workshops to developers specializing in Apple products, so in the absence of confirming the official agenda of the event, we can take for granted many specialized sessions, focused on the most diverse details. In other words, we are talking about a type of content that does not interest the majority.

However, yes we can expect an announcement that will interest a lot at WWDC 2022. I am referring, of course, to the next versions of macOS and iOS, which like every year, and except for unexpected surprises, will be officially presented in June, with a preview of what we can expect from them when they are published, about months later. And of course, it makes perfect sense that these new versions are presented, year after year, at this meeting, since developers are expected to be able to adapt their apps to these new features as close to launch as possible.

So that, at WWDC 2022 we will see, for the first time, the face of iOS 16 and macOS 13, the successor to Monterey. In the latter case, it is to be expected that we will see more news aimed exclusively at computers equipped with Apple SoCs, to the detriment of what those who still use computers based on Intel processors will be able to find. The differences in this regard with Monterey were insignificant, it is something that Apple must be recognized, but it makes all the sense in the world to expect that in the version presented at this WWDC 2022 the gap becomes larger.

On the other hand, and although in recent months we have seen some failed predictions, we continue to expect that 2022 will be a particularly prolific year in terms of launching revisions to existing products, and also new additions to the Apple catalog. And consequently, it makes sense to expect WWDC 2022 be the framework chosen for the presentation of some of the same.

Without a doubt, if we look back, the most relevant announcement during a WWDC in recent years occurred in 2020, when the company confirmed the many rumors about it from previous weeks and months, by announcing that they were leaving Intel to make the leap to Apple Silicon. Obviously we cannot expect another announcement of these dimensions at WWDC 2022, but what could have a place is the announcement of the second generation of its SoCs, the expected Apple M2which more and more analysts suggest would debut on the market at some point in the second half of this year.

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