The best Apple Music lists for training

When going to training, there are some things that most athletes always carry with them, such as a bottle of water, a towel, the right shoes and headphones. For many athletes, headphones are the most important part of their workouts. Without them, they may not even exercise. And there are studies that show that a large majority of people shorten their training if they did not have music. That is why in this post we are going to pass you some playlists so that you can exercise with the greatest possible motivation.

If you are one of those who does not want to lose the rhythm of training in the summer and you are going to continue going to train, you will need good motivation to achieve your goals. Thanks to music, it is often easier to train with a good selection of songs with a good rhythm that help you give your all with your training. Researchers claim that music is capable of distracting the athlete from his body awareness. It prevents you from concentrating on pain and exhaustion. Therefore, it gives the feeling that we are able to endure the routine longer and better.

Don’t lose motivation with these playlists

And it is that the music allows you to distract yourself from current problems or situations, and that you can move to happier or calmer places. When it comes to exercise, music is an excellent companion to enhance training performance. It becomes a motivational element, and by distracting you, it prevents you from being aware of how much time has passed or how much is missing. Therefore, with these playlists, you will not have to worry about lack of motivation.

  • A fit summer: its name already indicates everything, and with this playlist the last repetitions will hardly cost you any effort. It contains songs from some of the most famous international artists in the world, such as Doja Cat or Dua Lipa. Keep in mind that this playlist does not contain music in Spanish, so if you are one of those who train with reggaeton, this playlist may not be the most suitable for you.
  • Pure cardio: this is another playlist that the title indicates what you are going to listen to. And it is that in it there are songs like Don’t you worry child with which you will not lose the rhythm of the cardio at any time. Thanks to the energetic songs that this list has, it is ideal for seeking motivation for those parts of training that are harder.

  • Pure exercise: This playlist is somewhat more varied than the previous two, and it is that in it there are current songs by Spanish singers such as Aitana, Lola Índigo or Quevedo. And it is that this list is updated every week with the aim that it adapts to all tastes and there is always recent music.
  • Latin pop for training: If you are looking for music in Spanish to train, it is your ideal playlist. In it you will find songs in Spanish by the best performers of the moment, such as Rosalía or Bad Bunny. And it is that with this list that is updated every week, it will be difficult for you to lose the motivation to train even in summer.

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