The best wireless headsets for PC and PlayStation, at an unbeatable price

Whether we play on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, good headphones are essential to be able to fully enjoy the games, both their soundtracks, and to be able to listen, locate, and strike down our opponent. Although we can find a large number of brands and models of headsets for PC and consoles, if we want to be comfortable and have the best sound quality, it is necessary to go to the best-known models. And one of the best manufacturers is undoubtedly HyperX.

With Black Friday just around the corner, some large stores, such as Amazon or PC Components, are already beginning to let us see the first offers on some of their products. Thus, taking advantage of whether we are looking for good headphones for our favorite games, today we find the HyperX Cloud II Wirelessspecial wireless headphones for gaming where both comfort and quality prevail.

These headphones are of the binaural type, with 53mm drivers, and they have a headband fastening system, to be able to place them above the head and that they do not fall off during the game. These gaming headsets stand out above all for their ultra-comfortable design, since they have an exclusive HyperX viscoelastic foam system, a premium quality leatherette for the finish, and an adequate clamping force to prevent unwanted movements and distribute the weight throughout. head length.

Going into detail about the features, we are dealing with wireless headphones, without latency, that we can connect to both a Windows, macOS or Linux computer, as well as PlayStation 4 consoles and even Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the range of 2.4GHz frequency used, up to 20 meters, we will be able to move freely with them.

In terms of sound, these headphones have a virtual sound 7.1, ideal to be able to have a positional audio and perceive the space more precisely. For communication, we have a removable noise-canceling microphone, which is certified for Discord and TeamSpeak. The micro has its own integrated control to be able to listen to our voice and to be able to adjust the volume.

When it comes to battery life, HyperX has taken great care of this aspect, providing us with up to 30 hours of audio in a row without the need to load them.

For a limited time, 50 euros discount

These headphones have a official price of 168.22 euros and, although they are expensive, they are well worth them. However, if we do not want to spend this amount of money, we can save ourselves a good amount of money if we know how to find the exact offer, like this one. For a limited time, we will be able to get hold of these headphones for only 119.98 euros.

Being sold and shipped by Amazon, we will have free shipping and, if we do not like them or have problems with them, we can also return them as normal.

Also, if we don’t like Amazon, these same HyperX Cloud II Wireless are also on sale at PC Components. And it is that, for a limited time, we can also get them for only 119.98 euros, with shipping, and return, totally free.

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