Dreame goes (without any shame) for Dyson with her new smart dryer

the dryer Dyson It is well known even by those who are not at all interested in the world of beauty. It is a rather striking product due to its design as well as its technological features, not to mention a price that has been debated over and over again. Now Dream me He intends to eat the toast with his new Hair Glory, a dryer that is quite reminiscent of the British team in appearance but with a substantial difference in cost…

Hair Glory, the smart hair dryer

We will not get tired of saying that technology is much more than a PC or a smartphone. Even the world of beauty is here to stay and exploit all its possibilities with devices that cleanse the skin, state-of-the-art epilators and, of course, revolutionary hair dryers. Dyson It was the first to demonstrate it with Supersonic, a model with a very particular design, extremely comfortable to use and incredibly effective -can you tell that we are big fans of the team?-. Without applying extreme heat, it is able to dry hair faster while eliminating frizz, thanks to the thrust of a V9 digital motor that rotates at a maximum of 110,000 rpm and Air Multiplier technology. Such are its results that when many people try it, they claim to understand why it costs what it costs.

But what if we found something similar for much less money? That’s what it seems to chase Dream me with his new proposal, Hair Glory. This dryer has a motor that rotates at 110,000 rpm, an air flow rate of 70m/s and an air volume of 55 m³/h, a combination, according to the manufacturer, that allows hair to be dried up to the shoulders in just 2 minutes.

The Dreame Hair Glory Hairdryer in pink next to its box

The dryer only weighs 350 grams and has a compact design tremendously similar to Dyson’s Supersonic, standing out for leaving behind those bulky bodies of yesteryear and betting on a very small head to which the nozzle is attached and on whose back it places some indicative leds that give it a very “modern” touch. On the handle it has the control buttons, again very similar to those of the British firm.

With 4 temperatures and 2 speeds different (Dyson’s has 3 temperatures and 3 speeds), it is an interesting device that will have to be seen, yes, how it works to check if it is as effective as they paint.

Price and availability of the Hair Glory

Dreame has announced that its new dryer will be available in the Spanish market from next April 12ththat is, this same Wednesday.

You can find it for sale in various dealers of the brand, including Amazon Spain, where right now you have it in a beautiful white color with gold details and at a price of 129 euros (It is also sold in pink, although in this case the person in charge of sending and selling it is a third party with a slightly higher price).

In the past we have seen other attempts to replicate the Supersonic by Asian firms, but it seems that none have finished. blow. Do you think that Dreame will finally be able to stand up to the famous Dyson dryer?

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