The DJI Mini 3 Pro sneaks into Prime Day with accident insurance for less than 840 euros

dji mini 3 pro safety

One of the best consumer drones has slipped into the prime day deals, and the offer is quite interesting, since we are talking about the Mini 3 Pro model with the intelligent control with screen and with 1-year accident insurance for 839 euros. A tremendously interesting pack that is perfect for those who want to fly through the heights with ease and get the best image quality.

Light for beginner flying

new dji mini 3 pro

The advantages of the DJI Mini range is that it offers drones with a weight less than 249 grams. This puts it in the range of drones that do not need special licenses beyond registering as an operator with the State Aviation Safety Agency, so with a simple procedure you can fly your quadcopter with complete peace of mind (as long as you respect the rules).

This particular model has obstacle detection sensors both in the front, in the rear and in the lower part, so you will enjoy protection against three-way collisions. In addition, its stabilized camera is capable of recording videos in 4K format at 60 images per second, both in horizontal and vertical modes.

Best of all, with all these features, the drone is on sale for 839 euros with a 23% discount.

Small but wanting to fly

dji mini 3 pro cameras

The new batteries of great autonomy allow fly the device for 34 minutesso you are going to be quite comfortable flying for a long time (you can always buy the Fly more pack to enjoy much more autonomy with two additional batteries).

It is the smallest, most compact and lightest model of the manufacturer that has more sensors and security measures, and can also reach the 60 images per second in 4K recording. Thanks to its automated modes, you will also be able to record spectacular videos with pre-established effects, which will be in charge of defining the objective of the scene, while the drone makes movements to surround it, follow it or lose it in infinity.

What includes?

This pack includes, in addition to the DJI Mini 3 Pro, the DJI RC controller with screen, an intelligent flight battery, spare propellers, stabilizer guard, type-C to type-C cable, screwdriver and spare screws. In addition, as an exclusive Amazon promotional pack, 1 year of CareRefresh is included, which allows you to protect the drone in the event of an accident, replace parts and change the entire unit for a small cost.

It is probably the most complete drone that you will be able to buy, with the best image quality and adjusting to the official regulations so as not to have to obtain complex licenses or anything similar.

With an original price of 1,084 euros, the 23% discount leaves it at a more than interesting 839 euros.

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