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Amazon is the world’s largest online store and where we can find a large number of products of all kinds, from household appliances to shoes, mattresses, clothing, mobile phones, computers and more. In addition to being one of the best options to buy while saving good money, we will never have any problem when it comes to return any producteither because we have changed our minds, we do not like it, it does not work or has stopped working, it is defective, it is not our size or for any other reason.

Amazon will not ask us any questions, since we only have to fill out the corresponding form to proceed with the return. In recent months, especially on social networks like TikTok, a large number of ads and people recommending buying blind boxes or pallets of Amazon item returns are shown. According to what they say, these boxes and pallets include valuable items that have been returned by Amazon users and that, instead of going back to the warehouses to be checked and sold again, they get rid of them.

Amazon Refurbished

A few years ago, there were many users who bought items on Amazon and returned them claiming that they worked for us, placing instead any product with a similar weight to the original, so that it passed the Amazon controls. These items went directly to recycling facilities and product incineration centers for disposal. However, at present this is not the case.

When we return a product to Amazon, the first thing the company asks us is that let’s not wrap it up in order to check if the product that we are going to return matches the product that we are returning. In this way, the first thing Amazon does is make sure that we are not returning products that really are not.

TikTok scams Amazon returns

These items are returned to the Amazon facilities where the anomaly that the item presents and that has been the reason for the return is verified in order to put it back on sale through the Refurbished section, indicating the defects it has or getting rid of it. the products that don’t really work. In this section, we can save a lot of money especially when it comes to articles in which the packaging is missing or it is damaged.

In addition, it is not always about products that Amazon has in its facilities, since Amazon is also a platform that allows companies to use their platform to sell products that are not found in Amazon’s warehouses, and they want to receive defective items. .

surprise boxes amazon

If the products have any significant flaw that makes it impossible to sell them as a refurbished product (blows, missing accessories, etc.), Amazon creates batches that it sells to third-party companies that, in turn, resell through surprise boxes or complete batches. Most companies, in turn, create batches of products ordered in categories so that users can buy the type of products that most interest them. Therefore, we will never find products that are worth a lot of money such as computers, tablets or mobile phones for four dollars as many videos and TikTok ads want us to believe.

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