The iPhone 16 may be the first smartphone to feature a real space camera

The Vision Pro may have ushered in the era of space videos and photos. That said, Apple needs to offer this technology in smaller, more discreet devices. In the iPhone 16, for example?

Credit: Apple

Apple presented the Vision Pro with great fanfare at WWDC 2023. Cupertino’s AR headset is a true concentrate of the best in terms of technology today. One point particularly marked the spirits: the ability to photograph and film three-dimensional images, and therefore, to be able to “relive” these memories in their smallest details. The demonstration, in video, attracted many critics.

Critics of this technology say that as it stands, it fixes the moment, but it prevents living in the moment. And they are not wrong, the Vision Pro is an unobtrusive accessory and bulky. It is difficult to forget, for its wearer, as for the subjects photographed. Apple is well aware of this problem. The idea of capture 3D photos and videos is not bad, but the virtual reality headset is not the best tool to do it.

Apple may offer a space camera in the iPhone 16

Apple would therefore like to integrate 3D cameras in its smartphones and its tablets. Indeed, according to the creators of Hallide, an iOS photography app, “Current iPhones cannot create meaningful spatial captures like the Vision Pro does. We will need a significant improvement in terms of processing power and sensor quality”. Given the cost of manufacturing the Vision Pro, we understand why Apple is reluctant to implement this technology immediately. The iPhone 15, whose marketing is expected for this fall, will probably not be entitled to a space camera therefore.

That said, according to these experts, we won’t have to wait too long to take advantage of this new “space camera” technology: rumor has it that Apple could offer it with the iPhone 16, from 2024. As is often the case with Apple, the Vision Pro is not really a precursor in the field of photo and 3D video. But it is perhaps thanks to its Vision Pro that immersive space videos will finally be democratized.

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