The LEGOs that you have to give to a Mario fan for Christmas

If we can take a negative point from LEGO Super Mario it is that it did not reach the market for at least 20 years. Many Super Mario fans would have loved to recreate all kinds of levels of the video game at home, in a way tangible and real.

There are Super Mario fans of all ages, and LEGO knows that very well, since there are a wide variety of kits different, not only intended for children. If you are thinking of giving a gift to a fan of the saga, here we will show you two kits for big children and one more for all audiences. Here we go!

Nintendo Entertainment System x LEGO

This is the kit that every fan of the plumber should have. It is one of the most original and elaborate products that LEGO has created lately, and is intended directly for adults nostalgic.

Its set includes 2,646 pieces, and allow you to recreate a retro tv, the mythical console Nintendo Entertainment System, its command and the cartridge from Super Mario for the NES. But the thing does not stop there, since we can also create the level Super Mario on a kind of tape that we will place inside the LEGO television to play. You can also place the interactive Mario figure on the television to make the sounds of the game.

It is not a cheap or easy to find kit lately, but it is a unique product and that it has limited stocks.

Block Interrogation from Super Mario 64

Another very interesting pack is the Mario 64 interrogation block. It is a complex kit full of parts with which we can recreate the world of Super Mario 64.

The block has a mechanism that allows the princess peach castle in the Mushroom Kingdom along three levels. On the right we will have the Field of the Bomb-Omb, led by King Bob-omb. On the other side of the castle the icy universe from “Cool, Cool Mountain” along with the big penguin who challenges us to race in the video game. And finally, just below the castle will be located Land of Fire, where the villain Don Ojos is found.

The kit can be combined with other Mario games that we already have, as the initial pack. In this way, we can add sound effects and music to this wonderful set.

Be careful, at the moment Amazon does not have units in stock, so its price is quite inflated by third-party sellers.

Bowser’s Sky Fortress

While the other two previous proposals are mainly intended for adults, this model of King Bowser’s floating ship is more intended for children, specifically for older than 8 years onwards.

It is a very fun game, since can be combined with other LEGO sets Super Mario. Ideally, complement it with the Mario starter pack (71360) or Luigi’s (71387). There are also multiple challenges, and if we have both Mario and Luigi, you can play as a team or perform challenges to compete against each other.

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