the most zen of the convertible ranges offers three new devices

Lenovo has just presented the latest representatives of its convertible Yoga line. On the menu: two models with OLED panels, and an adorable little 13-inch master pc.

After unveiling the new versions of its iconic ThinkPad, Lenovo is doing it again with its new Yoga laptops. This year 2022 is a bit special for this series of products, since it is the tenth anniversary of the convertible which has helped to redefine the portable ecosystem. The opportunity to mark the occasion with three new models offered in several versions.

The first of these is the all new Yoga 9i. It is a machine equipped with a 14 ”screen, and powered by both a 12th generation Intel Core processor (the i7-1260P model to be precise) and the Intel Iris Xe graphics platform. What to savor almost all multimedia activities without problem according to Lenovo, even if we remain more than skeptical when it comes to demanding tasks such as high-resolution editing.

But this is not the raison d’être of this device anyway, which focuses above all on ergonomics, versatility and responsiveness. And in this game, the threesome between the Evo platform, the Alder Lake CPU and the Iris Xe graphics pipeline should work wonders. If one bases oneself on the other models of comparable configuration, it is the guarantee of an irreproachable reactivity and a very solid autonomy.

The Lenovo Yoga 9i. © Lenovo

And in addition to being lively and practical, this machine will also cuddle your eyes and ears. It has a superb 4K OLED panel certified Dolby Vision and DisplayHDR ™ 500 True Black. It is also able to cover 100% of the DCI-P3 gamut. Everything works at a modest 60 Hz, which is ultimately quite reasonable for a device of this category and which is not designed for high performance gaming anyway.

This Yoga 9i also has a discreet, but appreciable novelty: a line of keys that serve as shortcuts for various functions. We thus find the battery management interface, the function that allows you to blur the background in videoconferencing, or even the brightness adjustment. The device will be Wi-Fi 6E compatible, and will have two Thunderbolt 4 ports.

The new Yoga 9i will be available in two shades (Storm Gray and Oatmeal) from April 2022 for € 1,499.

Lenovo Yoga 7i: a similar device, but smaller

The Lenovo Yoga 7i. © Lenovo

Yoga 7i is also a representative of this same philosophy. In terms of power, it should be relatively comparable to its big brother since it also has the same i7-1260P / Iris Xe torque. The only real difference is at the level of the slab; it is still OLED technology, but 4K resolution is going by the wayside in favor of 2.8K, which is more than reasonable.

The Yoga 7i 14 ” will be available in Storm Gray and Stone Blue from May 2022 for € 1,099.

This 7i will also be available in a 16 ”version, for those who need more space. On the other hand, it will be necessary to make a cross on the 4K and to be satisfied with a 2.5K LCD screen. This variation will however be spoiled at the hardware level, since it will be possible to equip it with a Core i7-12700H and, above all, an Intel Arc graphics card.

The Yoga 7i 16 ” will be available in Storm Gray and Arctic Gray from May 2022 for € 1,199.

The Lenovo Yoga 6. © Lenovo

Lenovo Yoga 6: an adorable little convertible for less than 900 €

Lenovo also introduced the Yoga 6. Like many other manufacturers at the moment, Lenovo apparently felt compelled to produce a “sustainable” device with a share of recycled materials. We will not dwell on this aspect, because even if the concept is laudable, we cannot help being half amused and half exasperated by these initiatives which are surfing the wave of greenwashing, but without ever going to the bottom of things and by being satisfied with “innovations” ultimately very anecdotal which do not testify absolutely to a true change of course. Once again, the initiative is laudable, but we’ll talk about it again when a manufacturer releases a range that is truly innovative at this point, and not just a device with packaging made from 30% recycled plastic.

But at least beyond this particularity, the Yoga 6 seems to be a small convertible of excellent quality. It has a 13-inch FHD display in 16:10 aspect ratio and should even enjoy quite decent performance thanks to a Ryzen 7 5700U CPU and an integrated Radeon graphics card. We would have preferred to find one of the new Ryzen 6000s there, but at just € 899 it still looks like a very versatile device with excellent value for money. It will be available in May 2022 in Dark Teal colorway.

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