The new Mac mini for less than 900 euros!

Some Apple computers have taken on a new life with the arrival of the company’s own processors, however, we can consider that the Mac mini has been the revelation of this fantastic group. For this reason, in this post we bring you the possibility of taking the new Mac mini M2 for less than 900 euros, that is, a considerable reduction compared to the price at which Apple sells it in its stores.

Amazon lowers the price of the Mac mini

One of the problems that users have when buying an Apple computer is that they usually have quite high prices, which in the end are consistent with the benefits they offer. Now, there are always exceptions, and one of them is the Mac mini. This desktop computer is sold at Apple for less than 1,000 euros, making it the cheapest Mac you can buy in an Apple Store.

Mac mini M2

Well, now it’s even cheaper thanks to the fact that Amazon, which also sells Apple products, has lowered it to below 900 euros. Specifically the price at which you can buy this Mac mini with M2 processor is 895 eurosIn addition, it is the version that has 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage, that is, it is a very capable computer for the vast majority of users. If you want to buy it, then we leave you a link that takes you directly to Amazon.

Is this Apple computer worth it?

Surely, seeing that this Mac mini costs so little compared to other Apple computers, many users may wonder if it is really worth it, and the answers are resoundingOf course it’s worth it. Now, before starting to assess the team, you have to be clear about a very important aspect, and that is that this mac mini only comes with the computer body, that is to say, that it will have to be the user who puts both the screen and the rest of the peripherals, such as the keyboard and the mouse. Therefore, if you do not already have it in your office or room, you will also have to invest a good amount of money in it.

New Mac mini Apple Silicon

That being said, as we mentioned earlier, the mac mini is a truly amazing computer, surely the one with the most optimal quality/price ratio within the Apple catalog, since the price does not really correspond to the benefits that it is capable of granting. Now It has the possibility of configuring it with the M2 or M2 Pro chipAlthough the version that is on sale at Amazon is the M2, a processor that is a real delight, providing the power and performance that is more than necessary for the vast majority of users. Yes indeed, you have to take into account that they are 8 GB of RAM those that this unit has, which perhaps for certain more demanding jobs may fall short, although for conventional use they are more than enough. In short, if you are looking for a good, beautiful and cheap computer, for many years and that allows you to carry out daily tasks, this is yours, without a doubt.

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