The Oscar nominees also have a prize (and it is better than the statuette)

Although it may not seem like it, there is life beyond the slap that Will Smith has given to Chris Rock. Nobody talks about anything else these days when there are some details of the gala that are quite striking. It is the case of gift baskets that they have won the nominees and that some think they are even better than getting one of those Uncle Oscar statuettes.

More than €100,000 in gifts

Yes, you read correctly, those who have been nominated for this year’s 2022 Oscars, like our beloved Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz, they have taken home a bag full of gifts inside. And this is not one of those packs full of samples of acne creams or toothpastes, but there was much more substance and money in them than any mortal will ever see in our lives.

Proof of this is that the most valuable thing that has been given to the Oscar nominees is, nothing more and nothing less, than a stay in a private enclosure of those that appear in period films. This is the Turin Castle, which is not in Italy but in Scotland and whose stay is valued at $45,000. There we already have a good part of the value of those bags… but there is much more inside them. Behold.

Turin Castle

It has been a marketing firm that has organized the content of these packs for the Oscars. And it is that to surprise the nominated celebrities you need a lot of money and exclusive objects. Inside this bag, moreover, the lucky ones could find an invitation for two people to go to a Spa valued at more than €13,000. But there are more things, such as cookies, brownies or very exclusive candles that far from imagining that the Hollywood Academy has disbursed thousands of dollars to give them away, it is a contribution from the collaborating firms themselves that even pay to be part of these packages.

oscars basket

How much do companies pay?

That price paid by companies to include their products that end up in the hands of all the nominees at the gala cost an average of between 4,000 and 5,000 dollars each. It is obvious that the interest in being present is due to the fact that the return on investment is guaranteed and it is a very lucrative business with celebrities who have bank accounts with figures that exceed six and seven zeros. In any case, although those 45,000 euros of the stay in the castle, or the 100,000 of the total of each bag seem exaggerated, in other editions of the Oscars gala those amounts were exceeded, with figures that reached 200,000 dollars.

Will Smith slap.

Now what you have to see is if the nominees themselves enjoy these gifts and if the stays in the castle, the cookies, the brownies and other entertainment are enjoyed by friends, family or acquaintances. And it is that according to some sources reveal, These types of gifts have tax repercussions, so many celebrities don’t even want to hear about them. What would you do?

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