The parking scam with fake QR Codes is back

If you find a fine on your windshield with a QR Code, wait before checking out. As the gendarmerie of Seine-et-Marne specifies, it is a scam! In reality, the QR Code redirects the user to a counterfeit official site for electronic payment of fines.

QR code scam
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There is no shortage of scams using institutions or official documents. Recently, we mentioned in our columns the return of false tax refunds. A scam that comes up regularly with each opening of a tax return campaign.

There are also these deceptions concerning the Crit’Air sticker and its fake SMS or this scam with the vital card aiming to recover your bank details. In short, as you will have understood, the threats are numerous. And precisely, the gendarmerie of Seine-et-Marne comes to alert the public to a new scam in progress.

Beware, fake QR Code scam in progress

In short, these are false fines affixed to the windshields of motorists. There is a QR Code on these counterfeit tickets. By scanning it, users are redirected to a replica of, the official online fine payment website.

You would have understood it, the idea is to steal your bank details to empty your entire account. As law enforcement points out, one can easily identify that this is a scam by taking a look at the fake domain extension Remember that a similar scam was reported in the United States, with the difference that the fake QR Codes were stuck directly on the parking meters.

Along the way, the gendarmerie gives some advice to avoid falling into the trap. First of all, and this may seem obvious, but never scan unknown QR Codes or whose origin seems suspect. Furthermore, the authorities point out that the official bodies always communicate by mailwhether for a fine, your taxes or otherwise.

Finally, to pay your fines, only one site exists: This last point is crucial since many fake sites are currently circulating. We have seen several testimonials on Twitter from users who have received fraudulent text messages. In particular, there is a link to a site. Obviously a big scam.

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