The Pixel 6a becomes almost perfect thanks to a developer who increased the refresh rate

A developer has discovered a way to increase the refresh rate of Google’s Pixel 6a. He needs a hand to finalize this beautiful project.

We said in our columns, the Pixel 6a is a small smartphone that has almost everything of a big one. Its only big flaw is the low refresh rate of its screen. A student named Nathan Brooke discovered thatit is possible to increase this rate by 50%, to reach 90 Hz. He shared the results of his experiments on Github and appealed for help on Twitter. Other obligations prevent him from carrying out this project until its end, and he is looking for someone to take over.

This is great news: the main flaw of the Pixel 6a can be fixed. Is it overclocking the processor or is the change only at the software level? One thing is certain in any case, the installation of this mod for the Pixel 6a requires a certain amount of technical expertise. As evidenced by the project page on Github, Me Brooke and his comrades have been working on this “fix” for over a year now. The young man decided to make his code available to the community. He declares : ” I have no more time to devote to it, so I open source the driver so that other devs can look into it”.

This developer needs help making the Pixel 6a the perfect smartphone

It’s not far from arriving at a usable result, but a few testers have brought up a greenish tint problem. He says: “this tint is exactly what you see on OLED screens when they are not correctly calibrated […] You should not notice this coloration if the display is at maximum or minimum brightness; the defect persists when it is in the middle”.

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The Pixel 6a has met with great success. It could be even more recommendable if Google deigned to increase its refresh rate. It is rumored that the Mountain View company intends to correct the situation with the Pixel 7a, its next generation of affordable smartphone, rather than modifying the settings of the current model. The future device will also benefit from superior photo performancewith a main sensor, a 64 MP IMX787 from Sony, with a much better definition.

Source : Github

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