The Pixel 8 has already lost 63% of its value in just one month, long live the opportunity

The recent SellCell report focuses on the retention of value of the latest popular smartphones, particularly the Pixel 8. We can’t really say that Google’s latest addition excels in this area. In just one month, it has already seen its value fall by 63.7%. If you were hesitant to treat yourself to it, now is obviously the time or never.

google pixel 8 reviewgoogle pixel 8 review

It is now common knowledge that Android smartphones lose their value more quickly than their Apple neighbors. Several factors can explain this: brand image, rarity, longevity… Regardless, the trend remains the same for all Android models, with some examples even more explicit than others. This is undoubtedly the case with the Pixel 8.

In its latest report, SellCell studies the value of recent smartphones and their ability to keep their original price over time from around forty resellers. The Pixel 8, launched by Google only a month ago, is not really an example in the field. Indeed, according to the study, the smartphone has already lost 63.7% of its initial value on the second-hand market.

The price of the Pixel 8 has already dropped, if you were ever hesitant

The observation is even more obvious when we compare the smartphone to the iPhone 15, released almost 2 months ago. Apple’s latest muse, for its part, has certainly lost value, but much less than the Pixel 8. SellCell notes a drop of 28.8% in its value on the second-hand market. A nice drop, which still allows you to obtain the premium smartphone at $338 less than its initial price, but far from the heights reached by the Pixel 8.

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Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the value of the iPhone 15 is falling less quickly than that of the iPhone 14, but more quickly than that of the iPhone 13. The latter is Apple’s champion in terms of retention , since it had only lost 18.7% of its value one month after its release. Conclusion: now more than ever is the time to take an interest in the second-hand market.

Source : SellCell

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