The Pixel Tablet would have a special button to protect your personal data

A member of Twitter reveals new images of the Pixel Tablet which confirm the sober design and the rounded lines of the slate with the Google logo. Despite a bit of a catch-all side, Google intends the Pixel Tablet to become a real all-purpose device, a kind of more versatile Nest Hub.

Pixel Tablet

Twitter member SnoopyTech has unveiled images suggesting that with the Pixel Tablet and its dock, the focus will be on features and data security. By observing the photos published by the leaker, we notice a new button at the level of the upper right edge, near the photo lens, when facing the screen.

According 9 TB 5 Googleit could be a button /slide to physically obstruct the lens or mute the microphone of the device. A feature that will ensure that users are not listened to or filmed without their knowledge. There are also two long speaker-shaped cutouts on the right side of the device. According to the leaker, it could be the connectors for external keyboard.

The Pixel Tablet will protect your data with a button

Google apparently wants make the Pixel Tablet a control center for all the devices in the house. This is why the company is going to offer its new gadget with a set of accessories such as a dock incorporating audio speakers, which will make it a tool that can be used daily for all family members, a role of companion ” for everyone “. The Nest Hub is gradually being cut off from features that are much appreciated, especially by children, everything suggests that Google will bet on the Pixel Tablet.

Of the future tablet signed Google, however, we know little. It should work with a Tensor G2 processor, the same one that we find in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro and its screen could have a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, for a diagonal of 11 inches. The storage could be 256 GB. Recent rumors claim that the Mountain View firm has abandoned the idea of ​​​​presenting a Pro modelto focus on a single slate.

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